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21st Century Toppit (with DVD and LEFT Handed Topit) by David Penn - DVD

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21st Century Toppit (with DVD and LEFT Handed Topit) by David Penn - DVD

David Penn has been using a Toppit Vanisher in his professional repertoire for the past 15 years. He even utilized this hidden device for two routines when he won first place in The Magic Circle 'Close Up Magician of the Year' competition.
The Toppit Vanisher enclosed is David's own unique design. This new design is easier to use than a standard Toppit and it can be easily installed in your jacket.
The possibilities of a Toppit are endless and David provides training on his own sleights and misdirection techniques as well as the routines from his own personal repertoire. David's expert tuition on the accompanying DVD will allow you to master the techniques and greatly enhance your existing routines.
The Black Eight
Wine Glass Restoration
Clean Coin in Bottle
Kid at Christmas
Salt Inspector
Super Clean Coin Vanish utilizing 'The Reverse Pitch'
Circle to the Fourth Dimension
"David Penn has come up with effects with the Toppit that no one else ever dreamed possible" 
- Patrick Page
"David Penn's technique with the Toppit is the most natural I have ever seen. Objects just disappear and transform right before your eyes." 
- Craig Petty - Europe's Leading Coin Magician

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