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Bee's Wax
The best magician's wax. Use it for your tricks with cards, coins, thread. • About 30 grams. •..
7,90€ 4,90€
Card Wax Combo Pack - Red and Blue
Introducing the most deceptive means to perform floating, spinning, levitating card effects! This sp..
Fanning Powder
For smooth card fans, spreads & flourishes, add some of this special powder to your cards. It ..
6,90€ 5,90€
Fanning Powder - 2 Oz
Do you want to produce beautiful fans of cards? Apply a small amount of this Fanning Powder an..
Instant Snow Powder - 100 grams
The powder for instant snow is a very useful accessory in the magic that allows you to perform a mir..
Low temperature sparkle powder (10 grams.) by CigmaMagic
Traditional sparkle powder is made from heavy metal, so it would produce extreme heat around 100..
Magician's Wax - Hard
This wax is best used for invisible thread & card work. For best results use at room temperature..
7,90€ 5,90€
Magician's Wax - White
Do you want to produce beautiful fans of cards? Apply a small amount of this Fanning Powder and even..
Magicians Wax by Mr. Magic
High quality wax to be used for many different effects such as IT work, card work, etc. ..
Magicians Wax Pellets (Yellow)
Magicians Wax has been used for decades as the perfect utility for any serious Magician. It is a vit..
Magicians Wax Pellets - White
This box contains 150 pellets of wax, perfectly suited for use with magic reels and other invisible ..
Mesika Wax by Yigal Mesika
This box contains 150 pellets of clear wax, perfectly suited for use with Yigal Mesika reels and..
Octopalm: Anti Gravity Gel
A photo of an antique lock is displayed; it is then placed between a spectator's hands. An old k..
12,90€ 11,90€
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Rocket Wax
Rosenbaum, IT Works, and Uday's Magic World proudly bring you Rocket Wax. This all natural, h..
Roughing Balm by Neo Inception
Looking for some cool roughing tool? Neo Inception from S. Korea has created brand-new material for ..
Science Friction by Alexander Kölle
The Revolutionary Nano Fluid for Playing Cards! The most revolutionary invention since rough..
Slush Powder 2oz/57grams by Murphy's Magic
Turn any liquid into, well...slush! This fast-acting powder is one of the most versatile and powerfu..
Slush Powder Wand by Bazar de Magia
If you have ever wondered how to enter secretly dust solidifying in your glass, we finally have the ..
Soft Wax (1.1 oz) by Uday
Easy to use and easy to remove, this pliable, high quality Magician`s Wax is an indispensable pa..
Super Putty (Refill) for Double Cross and Super Sharpie by Magic Smith
This super strong black putty is uniquely formulated to be stronger than any other available putty. ..
Super Slush Powder
Slush powder is a very useful magic accessory that allows to perform stunning effects. In fact,..
Wax - ITR
Hard wax designed for the ITR but it will come in handy for other applications.  Very hard but..
5,90€ 4,90€
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