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Aluminum Card Clip - Super Hard - Silver
The pro's know that the card clip is supposed to keep a deck of cards from warping. But the truth ..
24,90€ 12,90€
Automatic Coin Holder
This is an ideal device for Coin Magicians, and especially, perfect for Miser's Dream Coin Routine..
44,90€ 22,90€
Coffee to Go
The performer takes out a cup of coffee and show it to the audience. He says he is getting th..
64,90€ 32,90€
Inline (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Kelvin Trinh
Offering a test of balance, you give half the cards from a deck to your spectator whilst keeping..
29,90€ 14,90€
On Palming by John Carney - DVD
Many of the most powerful effects in card magic require the palming of a playing card. Yet nothi..
34,90€ 17,90€
World Tour by Makenke, Diego Raskin and Aprende Magia
APRENDE MAGIA presents Wold Tour by Makenke and Diego Raskin. This is a new mentalism effect to ..
39,90€ 19,90€
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