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Appearing Candle - Red

Marca: Varie
Codice prodotto: MGMCFU033R
Punti fedeltà: 2
Disponibilità: Pronta consegna in 24 ore
Prezzo: 19,90€ 16,90€
Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 20

Appearing Candle - Red

The magician enters the scene and makes it appear out of nowhere, an elegant candle at your fingertips.
Or, after showing a scarf, transforms it instantly in the candle!

In this version, the candle is very realistic.

• The force with which it appears is very energetic.
• Once you have made ​​to appear, the candle can be lit safely.
• The white this candle is a white "waxy" and closest to the color of a real wax candle.

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