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Quo Vadis
Der Zauberer frägt einer Person aus dem Publikum ob er ihm eine Uhr leiht um sie dann in einem blaue..
P&L Goblin Phantom Tube by P&L Magic
Audiences love surprise productions - they wonder, "Where did this come from?" A startling visual..
Passé Passé Bottle by Mr. Magic
Using metal tubes, turn a bottle into a glass and a glass into a bottle. This is magical and funny! ..
Newton's Nightmare
The magic of science! Incredible magic! Or is it science? How the heck does this one wo..
19,90€ 13,93€
ABC Blocks by Daytona Magic
Here's a great effect where an object vanishes and reappears somewhere else! Three solid wood..
Appearing Rose in Tube
The magician displays a transparent tube with a pot inside it. Instantly a rose on a stem appear..
Block Penetration
Two rectangular tubes are positioned one on the other. A small sword is passed between two holes..
Blowing Card Blendo
A card is selected, noted and returned to the deck by a member of the audience. The deck is sh..
Candle through silk by Uday
A square metal tube is shown to be empty through and through. The tube has two sets of holes on ..
13,90€ 10,90€
Coin Penetration Tube by Uday
Coin penetrates through a solid plastic sheet secured between two plated tubes. ..
Crystal Tube - Deluxe
The crystal tube is shown to the spectators. The magician puts three separated silks inside of it. H..
Cylinder Penetration Metal by Mr. Magic
A powerful demonstration of Solid-Thru-Solid!! Show a large, hollow brass cylinder with two holes ne..
Das Genie Rohr
Der Zauberer zeigt einen elegante Rohr aus Holz. Es hat eine rechteckige Form. Das Publikum sieht de..
Das Wunderrohr
Der Zauberer tretet auf der Bühne mit einem Metallbehälter auf wo eine große Flamme heraus kommt. Je..
Disc Escape (Brass) by Mr. Magic
The performer shows five solid brass discs enameled in five different colors and a tube just large e..
32,90€ 24,90€
Genii Tube - Split
The magician shows a rectangular tube. He opens it in half to show without any doubt that it is ..
Instant Change Tubes (Mini Silk Cylinder 15cm) by Ickle Pickles
This is a small version of the classic Crystal Silk Cylinder. Show a transparent tube empty, and..
Jumbo disk escape (wood)
Performer shows five solid wooden disks painted in five different colors. Also a wooden cylindrical ..
Large Crystal Silk Cylinder by Ickle Pickles
A fun way to produce or change items right in front of your audience! A set of three acrylic ..
Mirror Tube by Mr. Magic
Effect: This is a magical utility apparatus which can be used in an endless number of ways to create..
44,90€ 31,43€
One in five by Astor
The magician asks the spectator to choose one of the five small cylinders that are in the bag. The s..
P&L Phantom Tube (18cm) by P&L Magic
Considered to be one of the greatest and most perplexing production effects on the market. Manufactu..
First, the performer can ask any audience for a handphone, or prepare a piece of glass which is si..
79,90€ 59,90€
Perfect Bill Tube Pro - Brass
  Perfect Bill Tube - Brass   A spectator signs a bill and places it under a ..
34,90€ 24,90€
Production Tubes (Folding)
Perhaps the perfect production item for stage and family entertainers, and it packs and transports f..
14,90€ 9,90€
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