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Alchemist: Blossom Wide Range (DVD and Gimmick) by Will Tsai - original-artikel
Guarded closely in Will Tsai's professional working show for over 10 years, he is now unleashing..
AmazeBox (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc
Once in a while we come across a trick with a method that is as inspiring and whimsical as the e..
54,90€ 49,90€
Anatomy Of Keys by Steven Price
A tour de force, a book-length poem, embracing a wide variety of poetic and prose forms, to tell the..
19,90€ 16,90€
Apparition of cigarette
The magician opens a small bag, and from inside it pulls out a cigarette… 61cm long! Easy and..
Appearing Billiard Stick by Tora Magic - original-artikel
This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as ..
69,00€ 59,90€
Appearing Broom by Wayne Rogers
Der Magier wirft eine Papiertüte, in einem Augenblick, einen Besen!   • Perfekt für jede Art ..
Appearing Garden Shovel by Wayne Rogers
Der Magier wirft eine Papiertüte, in einem Augenblick, einem Garten Schaufel!   • Ideal f..
Apple to Mobile
READY ANYTIME EASY TO DO   Apple + gimmick + online video  Bonus trick : A..
49,90€ 39,90€
Arm Apart
Ein wirklich illusorisch Wirkung.  Stellen Sie Ihren Arm in diesem besonderen Fall. Schieb..
Artful Mentalism: Bob Cassidy's 3 Secrets - AUDIO DOWNLOAD
Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy's ideas, routines and effects have helped many mentalists just like you..
Astor Epic by Astor  - ultimate version
Astor Epic actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic. Similarly to the Mental Epic ..
Automatic Funnel deluxe by Bazar De Magia - Red
We are all familiar with the classic "Magic Funnel". For those of you who do not know it by na..
43,90€ 41,90€
Automatic Funnel deluxe by Bazar De Magia - Verchromt
Der Künstler ruft drei Personen auf die Bühne um ihn zu helfen. Einer von ihnen gibt er einen Gl..
Automatic Funnel deluxe by Bazar De Magia - Yellow
We are all familiar with the classic "Magic Funnel". For those of you who do not know it by ..
43,90€ 41,90€
Backstage - Hinter der Bühne
Der Zauberer zeigt einen eleganten Träger mit rund herum eine Rüsche und sagt das es sich um einen k..
Backstage - mit dem Elefanten
Der Magier sagt , ihr Publikum zu erklären, wie der berühmte Illusion, in der ein Elefant versch..
Baffling BS by Larry Becker and Lee Earle - original artikel
"The bumper sticker," begins the performer as he shows a selection of them - all of which are cut in..
98,90€ 64,90€
Bang! The Bullet Catch by G Sparks
  "The Best Bang for your Buck."  Bang! Bullet is a 357Mag Nickel Plated Brass S..
Bengal Net
Der Zauberer nimmt einen Griff wo ein durchsichtiger Netz heraus hängt, durch den sie einen schwarze..
Better Newspaper Tear By Robert Baxt
It uses NO tape!   NO glue!   NO wires!   Easier and quicke..
99,00€ 64,90€
Big Bang - Lamp Explosion
Place any ordinary lightbulb in a clear bag - completely sealing it off. From this point on you ..
49,90€ 29,90€
Billboard by Marc Bangert and MagicTao
A prediction, displayed in big printed letters on a huge billboard, or displayed on a photograph day..
Bionik (DVD and Gimmick) by David Penn and World Magic Shop
From David Penn, the creator of Coinvexed 2. Wizard FX Productions proudly presents BIONIK. A..
159,90€ 139,90€
Black Hand Towel Gag
Black Hand Towel Gag is the type of humor that will be appreciated by everyone. An assistant from th..
Blank Night (Yellow) by John Archer
Penn and Teller's hit show Fool Us had a simple premise: perform an effect that the duo couldn't..
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