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Clone Cube

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Clone Cube

# 1 The magician shows a cube to the audience, each side of which is a different color.
“I just learned a new game.  The winner is the one who throws a red! The champion is the one who can throw a double red!”

He throws the cube, and two cubes roll apart on the table!
The magician takes hold of one of the cubes and slaps it on the table in front of a member of the audience saying “Why don't you try it? Here is a cube, have a throw!”

When he raises his hand from the cube, it is seen to have become completely flat.

There is no way that anyone can throw it now!
Everything can be immediately examined by the audience!

#2  The magician shows to the audience the front and backs of two cubes that he holds in the fingers of his right hand.
He takes the top cube with his left hand, and a moment later opens his hand to show that the cube has disappeared!
He then throws into the air the cube remaining in his right hand, and two cubes come down which the magician catches in the air – one with his left hand, and one with his right (or he lets them fall to the table).

#3  The magician shows the audience an empty paper bag, and a cube. He asks a member of the audience to hold the bag in his hands. The magician then tosses the cube into the bag and after waiting for a little bit, removes the cube and puts it in his pocket. 
He makes a few magic passes over the bag and then asks the person holding the bag to take out whatever the find inside the bag. 
He/she pulls out the same cube that the magician had just removed before and put into his pocket! 
All items can be examined!

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