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Dice Bomb - Large - Black Spot Dice
A large die, easily visible in transparent box, explodes into 8 smaller black spot dice. The sma..
Flash Dice (6 dice)
Effect: 1, All the Dice in the box and the Magician cover the lid and shaken, magically, the dic..
Talking Dice - Clairvoyance
Two containers with screwed on caps and a dice is given out to the audience for inspection. They are..
Tattletale Dice
Two dice are placed in a box while the magician's back is turned. The magician shades the box an..
Card Box Vanish - Whole Deck Disappears
With this gimmick card box, you can create your own card routine!   It is a great p..
Chip Butty 2.0 (Red) by Liam Montier and MagicTao
Chip Butty' is a brilliant NEW routine from Liam Montier. It combines several existing and comme..
44,90€ 34,90€
Tora Dice Tower
The magician shows four white dadons stacked one on the other. It then shows a rectangular tube ..
Switch Up by Danny Weiser and Magic Tao
From the mind of Danny Weiser comes a SUPER, visual and unique revelation to take the magic worl..
Russia Dice
This is a stimulating gambling trick.  Six envelopes (marked with numbers)and one dice are..
3 Rope Card Trick  - JUMBO (21 cm x 15 cm)
"The Professor's Nightmare" is one of the most popular rope tricks of all time, and with good re..
3-Way Mirror by Sean Yang and Magic Soul
Sean Yang's 3-way mirror Sean Yang's 3 way mirror is not only a mirror, but also a portable..
Appear-8 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Steve Rowe
APPEAR-8 is a brilliant, visual piece of magic guaranteed to draw shocked reactions from ANY aud..
Ash Paper by the Other Brothers
The Other Brothers have done it again! In this commercial effect, the Other Brothers present a w..
Badlands Bob
  A GREAT close-up miracle, ready to perform any time, any where.   (Effect) ..
44,90€ 34,90€
Bicycle 2 Decks Standard Poker 808 and 5 Dice Set
You are buying a new sealed package of 5 regular Bicycle brand dice plus 2 decks (1 red, 1 blue) of ..
BKM Wallet
Designed with the worker in mind, this wallet combines the BEST OF KAPS/BALDUCCI AND A NEW TWIST..
Box Monster by Nathan Kranzo and Ellusionist - original item
IMAGINE: The spectator selects two cards out of the deck-- there are no forces. With no funny mo..
34,90€ 29,90€
BRB Dice by Joker Magic
The magician hands out two large dice and a box to the spectators. He then puts the white die in..
Card Cage by Hideki Tani
You can perform three effects with this trick: capture a selected card, vanish the card, then ..
Card fountain
By using his manipulative skills the magician produces many cards from different places, and t..
89,90€ 79,90€
Cell-Out (Cell Phone From Card) - Joker Magic
A deck of cards held in the magician's hand transforms in one second into a cellphone. It can ..
49,90€ 34,90€
Changing die
Show an empty tray and a die. Throw the die on the tray and instantly it will change into sp..
Chop cup with dice
A die mysteriously appears and disappears various times, magically jumping from the magicians ..
Show a die and two small empty cylinders with their lids. Ask a spectator to mentally choose a num..
CLONES by Jean Pierre Vallarino
A new, unique version of the amazing classic, Sympathetic Cards From a borrowed deck, remove..
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