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A Fun Magic Coloring Book - medium
  Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain po..
A Fun Magic Coloring Book - Mini size
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, p..
Color Changing Magic Hanky (include 2 silk)
Show two different colored hankies tied together. Pass the hankies through your hand. Th..
Color Changing Sponge Balls (Red/Yellow)
A new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Comedy Magic Coloring Book
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictu..
Magic Animal Coloring Book
Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain position..
Magic Coloring Book - Large
A coloring book is shown to the audience. First the pages are blank. Then they are black with ..
Money Maker - Transparent
This is sensational! Insert a blank piece of paper into the machine, turn the knob… and from the opp..
Card into match box
The magician takes a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. Now, he looks for a lighter in his ..
6,90€ 4,90€
Coin Fusion (US Half Dollar) by Chris Stickland
Effect A borrowed coin is held at your finger tips. The coin is torn completely in two. The tw..
59,90€ 49,90€
Collision V2 by Ravi Mayar and MagicTao
"Ravi is a modern day, magical Einstein. As always he delivers another excellent DVD. I always look ..
32,90€ 24,90€
Cube 3 By Steven Brundage
Everyone knows that solving a Rubik's Cube can be a long, frustrating, hair-pulling feat. That i..
Brace yourself to dive into a new era of super visual, impressive, and effective magic. With DEC..
Magical Tube Bill transforms Water
Easy Magic Trick Tube Bill transforms Water A blue vial(tube) with a grey cap is shown empty. A fo..
Silver Copper Brass Transposition by LT Magic
The performer takes three coins (one copper, one silver, and one Chinese coin) and places them i..
A Packet of Backs by Wild-Colombini Magic
A funny routine to perform and watch! A card is selected from the deck. Say it is the 10D. The magic..
Card Cognition by Rodger Lovins
COGNITION - [The mental process of knowing] "This is one of the easiest mind reading, card effec..
Rainbow Jokers (Jumbo) by Astor
Effect: Four face up blue backed jokers turn over in a surprising manner, turn face up again, but n..
Bamboozler by Paul Gordon
Effect: Four blue-backed Bicycle playing cards are shown to have blank faces. Magically, a four..
29,90€ 24,90€
Cash Converter by Richard Griffin
Effect: A borrowed bill is folded in half lengthwise. It is then pulled through the fingers whe..
44,90€ 34,90€
Color Touch by Stephane Bourgoin - Book and Props
A multi-phase color changing deck and box routine. The magician removes a blue deck from a blue b..
44,90€ 34,90€
At the Table Live Lecture Joshua Jay - DVD
Joshua Jay: You all know the name! As a young lad, Joshua started dazzling the magic world with ..
Color Changing Rope with Kicker Ending by Mr. Magic
This is a beautiful, visual piece of magic that is easy to learn and perform. The magician is seen h..
Trespassing by Domenic Carbone - DVD
Imagine being able to have a bag penetration so flawless you don't have to switch bags... Wha..
32,90€ 16,90€
Barely Chewed by Chastain Criswell
Chastain Criswell, the creator of one of the biggest hits in magic , TAG, brings you BARELY CHEWED! ..
19,90€ 12,90€
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