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Color Changing Gloves

Marca: Varie
Codice prodotto: MGSCE489
Punti fedeltà: 30
Disponibilità: Available in 7 - 10 days
Prezzo: 299,00€ 199,90€
Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 299

Color Changing Gloves

A multiple Quick Change with gloves!

Magician shows both his hands on which he is wearing black gloves. 
When he puts his hand into the magical top hat, the black glove instantly changes into a red glove.
The same color changing happens when he puts in the other hand as well.
The gloves continuously change into blue, then finally change into white on both hands!!

The gloves are made of stretchable material, so one size fits ALL.

・Easy to learn instantly!!

・The props are be foldable and portable. Packs flat, Performs BIG!!

・ You will receive all props (gloves, top hat, gimmick) and the instructional DVD, which you will learn extra ideas for another method of using color changing gloves without using the top hat.

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