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Comedy Glass in Paper Cone
The magician announces that he will try to make an interesting experience, although he is not ..
14,90€ 11,90€
Deluxe Milk Glass by Bazar De Magia
The magician takes a glass of milk and pours it into a paper cone. He immediately opens the ..
Der Zauberer tretet auf die Bühneund nähert sich dem Tisch wo sich ein Glas und eine Flasche Wasser ..
In der Luft schwebender Glas - Air Borne Glass
Der Zauberer zeigt ein Getränk in der Dose undein Glas.Dann fängt er langsam an das Getränk in d..
Water in the Newspaper
The magician pours a full glass of liquid between the pages of a newspaper, but when it is..
Big Shot by Scott Alexander
If you love Scott's Sure Shot you are gonna love BIG SHOT! For decades, magicians have been ..
Cap your Card by Olivier Pont
Cap your Card! A brand new creation by Olivier Pont! Everyone has done this. Opened a bottle ..
Vanishing Martini Bottle (and Tube) by Mr. Magic
After pouring a glass of liquid from a bottle, you make the bottle disappear right in front of your ..
Comedy Glass in Paper Cone by Mr. Magic
Suitable for stage or parlor, this trick is angle proof and requires no setup. Introduce a cup an..
David Penn's Beer Bottle Production (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)
When you're in a close-up or parlor setting, this has to be one of the strongest pieces magic yo..
Evolution by Rus Andrews and MagicTao
'Evolution' is an impromptu approach to the classic cap in bottle effect. Imagine being able ..
24,90€ 17,90€
The Genie in a Bottle by Zane
A Most Charming & Magical Card Trick That's Great Fun to Perform! Ever wanted a Genie in ..
29,90€ 20,93€
Manoj Bottle (DVD & Gimmicks) by Manoj Kaushal
A BORROWED PEN, RING or even a small COOKIE melts through the SOLID bottom of an examined water ..
28,90€ 20,23€
Self Explosion Glass - Small
Effect: The spectator is encouraged to inspect a small glass to make sure that it is solid. I..
18,90€ 13,23€
AirBorne (for Soda or Wine) by Mr. Magic
The magician shows one empty glass and a full bottle of coke. He proceeds to pour the beverage..
Airborne Free Fall by G Sparks
"Sparks Greatest Airborne is the life of the party at the best price ever. " YOU NEVER GO ..
Airborne Glass and Coke by Dominik
The magician pours a drink from a can in a glass. At some point, while he is still drinking the ..
Hier ist ein wirklich interessanter Gegenstand….wieso haben wir ihn Cin Cin genannt?Weil die mög..
24,90€ 14,90€
Antigravity by James Paul - original-artikel
Imagine being able to balance a glass containing ANY liquid ON IT'S SIDE!  Perform anyti..
Anything Is Possible Bottle (Blue Back Bicycle) by Jamie D. Grant
The deck is still in the cellophane wrap!  Each and every "Anything Is Possible" bottle is h..
Anything Is Possible Bottle (Red Back Bicycle) by Jamie D. Grant
The deck is still in the cellophane wrap!  Each and every "Anything Is Possible" bottle is h..
Aqua Change Vase by Uday
An empty vase and a cylinder are clearly shown. Water or some liquid is visibly poured into..
34,90€ 29,90€
Astonishing Bottle by João Miranda and Ramon Amaral
From the creative mind of João Miranda, together with Ramon Amaral, arrives the perfect opener f..
Atomic Water Vase (Water Suspension)
An attractive metal container magically holds water when it is turned upside down! ..
Automatic funnel deluxe by Bazar De Magia - Red
We are all familiar with the classic "Magic Funnel". For those of you who do not know it by na..
43,90€ 41,90€
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