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Box Monster von Nathan Kranzo und Ellusionist - original-artikel
Stellen sie sich vor: Der Zuschauer sucht zwei Karten aus - ohne gezwang. Ohne magische Bewegung..
34,90€ 29,90€
Close Up Organizer
The Working Professional's Close-Up Organizer Adds extra pockets to the inside of any jacket for car..
Coded Card Prediction by Ken de Courcy
A novel piece of magic which will bring about the neatest 'number force' that you ever saw! A 'code ..
Der Zauberwürfel
Zeigen sie einen Würfel und einen Präsentationstablett: Dann lassen den Würfel von der Hand fall..
Diamond Prediction
The magician tells the audience he got a magic diamond necklace that has prediction power. Noth..
Dice Illusion
  The magician takes out a die without any color and a mirror. He lets the audience exam..
44,90€ 29,90€
Dice Levitation
Der Magier zeigt eine Mutter. Plötzlich steigt dieser auf mysteriöse Weise von der Handfläch..
FLASH DICE CUBE (Red) by G Sparks
"The magic Flash gives the Dice Cube the power to melt right through any playing card." S..
FLASH DICE CUBE (White) by G Sparks
"The magic Flash gives the Dice Cube the power to melt right through any playing card." S..
The performer brings out a large envelope, with a prediction inside. A spectator now selects ..
42,90€ 34,90€
Gamblers' Dice by Uday
A flat circular plastic box has one die inside. The magician shows this, then puts the lid on the bo..
Gehorsamer Würfel - aus Holz
Ein Holzwürfel rutscht einen Seil entlang und hält auf Befehldes Zauberers an,fordert das Gesetz..
Hallucinations by Black's Magic - original-artikel
hal-lu-ci-na-tions: Perception of visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or gustatory experiences wit..
Jumbo Rising Card by Uday
A pack of cards is shown and mixed, then one card is chosen freely. There is no force of a card...
Las Vegas Dice
  Hot new pocket trick! Put the magic in your spectator's hands with this ULTRA-VISUAL t..
18,90€ 14,90€
Long - Short Cat illusion
This is an amazing magic paper sheet with a cat on it. By touching the cat on the paper, the catty w..
Magic Dice Tunnel
Wonderful accessory for you to make fun for yourself when you at rest. it is a great gift for pe..
Magician's Tie (Card and Dice)
We finally found the best tie for magicians!   It will help you to stand out!   I am w..
Mental Monte by Trick Production
The 4 Steps to Amazement:  1) The magician places a prediction card on the table. 2) The spect..
Miracle Dice (5 dice)
A spectator freely chooses a number and when the dice are casually placed in the box and shaken, ..
9,90€ 7,90€
ONE 2.0 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Matthew Underhill
One of the most commercial card effects of all time just got better. For the first time ONE by M..
Optional Cards for Probe (5 BLANK Cards)
(REFILL) 5 Optional Blank Cards for Sean Taylor's Probe magic trick. ..
49,00€ 39,90€
Prediction And Production Bag
  This is a small but impressive prediction and production trick. One card printed wi..
Prediction Clock
A spectator is invited to select and set their favorite hour on a small clock. Without your knowled..
Rising Card (Blue) by Henry Evans
Rising Card by Henry Evans Another small miracle from FISM Award winner henry evans! A card rise..
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