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Appearing Flower Boxes - mini
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
Realistic Rose
Der Zauberer zeigt einen roten Tuch und legt ihn ganz in seine Faust und macht sie dann zu. Er m..
The Appearing Rose - Eco
The magician produces a beautiful rose from a burning piece of paper! • Only the rose that is..
Pencil to Flower by Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic Pencil to Flower is a great effect that is easy to do AND the magic happens in the spectat..
25 Flower From Fingertips by Uday
At anytime during his show, the magician shows his hands empty, then begins to produce single flower..
5 Flower Blooming Boquet by Uday
Blooming Bouquet-5 Flower Comes With: Bouquet, flowers and instructionsPackaging:Plastic Wrapped A f..
Appearing Flower Wand - Rising Wand Combo
Two Tricks IN ONE! Performer displays a candy cane stick 11" long showing it freely and then mag..
14,90€ 9,90€
Blooming bouquet - 8 flowers
Show a bouquet of eight flowers. The buds are removed and set aside. Make some magical gesture..
Blumenstrauß mit einer Feder von 19 cm Umfang
Das Foto zeigt nicht die Gerechtigkeit, um ihre Schönheit zu tun. Sehr Farbig, beständig, aus einen ..
Break-Away Rose
A rose is handed to a spectator. As soon as the spectator has it in his hands it wilts danglin..
Chameleon Flower (Plastic) by Mr. Magic
The Magician shows a folder on both sides, then displays a large, white artificial flower inside. Th..
Classic Sleeve Bouquet Pair (6) Deluxe by Mr. Magic
Make 2 beautiful, colorful flower bouquets appear quickly and easily. Perfect for parlor and stage m..
Die unzertrennliche Rose
Eine Rose,die sie aus ihrer Jackentasche hohlen und die wieder zurück in ihrer Tasche verschwindet. ..
Feather Flower On Finger Tips by Uday
A feather flower appears and vanishes at the fingertips of the Magician. ..
Flower from Finger Tips Paper (25) by Mr. Magic
25 beautifully bright spring paper flowers suitable to conceal in your hand. ..
Flower on Rope/Floral Garland by Mr. Magic
Turn a piece of rope into a colorful and flashy garland -- perfect for stage performances. ..
Gloves to Bouquet
A pair of white gloves are removed . They are tossed in the air where they magically turn into a sma..
12,90€ 9,03€
Der Magier zeigt ein Stamm ohne Blumen. Es macht eine magische Geste, und in einem Augenblick ei..
Silk and Flowers
The magician shows a handkerchief on both sides, and then magically produces, one at a time, fou..
Spring Flower Bouquet 4 in 1 (Rolex) by Mr. Magic
Four brightly colored spring flowers to be used in a production from a production prop or body load...
Spring Flowers Mylar  - 15 cm
The photo does not do justice to its beauty. Colorful, durable, made ​​of special material which mak..
Spring Flowers Mylar - 28 cm
The photo does not do justice to its beauty. Colorful, durable, made ​​of special material which mak..
The Wilting Rose
  The magician presents a rose to a member of the audience, and as soon as she takes i..
Torch to Rose - Plus
A lit flaming torch instantly changes into a beautiful rose. The rose then uncannily starts to r..
Torch to Rose - Professional
A torch mysteriously transforms into a rose! ..
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