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Dice Levitation
Der Magier zeigt eine Mutter. Plötzlich steigt dieser auf mysteriöse Weise von der Handfläch..
Jumbo Rising Card by Uday
A pack of cards is shown and mixed, then one card is chosen freely. There is no force of a card...
Rising Card (Blue) by Henry Evans
Rising Card by Henry Evans Another small miracle from FISM Award winner henry evans! A card rise..
Rising Card (Red) by Henry Evans
Rising Card by Henry Evans Another small miracle from FISM Award winner henry evans! A card rise..
Floating match - Original Bee
The magician shows an ordinary match and places it on the back of an ORIGINAL BEE playing ca..
Kinetic Coin
With your magic power you’ll be able to make a 50 cent euro coin lift and move as you wish... ev..
Rise and Shine by Dan Hauss and Paper Crane Productions - DVD
Two spectators freely select cards from a normal deck, sign them and place them back in the deck. ..
Ultimate Rising Card - DVD (with gimmick)
  Just imagine being able to borrow a deck of cards, have a card freely selected and ret..
Appearing Flower Wand - Rising Wand Combo
Two Tricks IN ONE! Performer displays a candy cane stick 11" long showing it freely and then mag..
Floating Bill (With Gimmick) by Jon Jensen
One of the Most Devastating Tricks you can Perform! Effect This is truly one of the greatest magic..
Rising Card by Tenyo Magic and Harry Devano
A spectator selects and remembers one card. After the card is returned, the magician makes a mag..
Horizon by Matthew Wright (DVD & Gimmick)
Matthew Wright has devised a new, revolutionary thread system that allows you to effortlessly anim..
Hummer Card - Floating Card
Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. Proudly Presents The Hummer Card by Jon Jensen The Hummer Card..
Psycho Gravity by Tenyo
The magician displays a transparent board with four different fruits written on its surface. A s..
Antigravity by James Paul - original-artikel
Imagine being able to balance a glass containing ANY liquid ON IT'S SIDE!  Perform anyti..
Defiance (DVD with Gimmick) - Mariano Goni
Mariano Goni is an underground magician from Spain who has a knack for creating visually stunning ..
Flight by Kevin Li and Shin Lim Presents
"The most unique TNR I have ever seen!" - Shin Lim Kevin Li's "Flight" is the world's fi..
Floating Bill - Royal and Gabe Fajuri
This booklet teaches one of the most astonishing, startling, visual tricks in all of magic. Imagine..
Rising Cards - Refill
Here are three refill gimmicks for the effect “Rising cards”! Note - the deck is not included..
Elastic Invisible Thread Loops
Pack of 5 pieces. From the great magician Israeli Yigal Mesika, comes one of the most powerful a..
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Tenyo - Dream Levitation
Der Traum eines jeden Magiers wird nun Realität ... stellen Sie sich einen Globus Rad oder eine ..
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