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A Fun Magic Coloring Book - medium
  Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain po..
A Fun Magic Coloring Book - Mini size
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, p..
Color Changing Magic Hanky (include 2 silk)
Show two different colored hankies tied together. Pass the hankies through your hand. Th..
Color Changing Sponge Balls (Red/Yellow)
A new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Comedy Magic Coloring Book
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictu..
Das verzauberte Buch (Tiere) - Große
Öffnen Sie ein Buch zeigt Seiten ganz weiß. Machen Sie eine magische Geste, und durchsuchen es w..
Magic Animal Coloring Book
Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain position..
Money Maker -Transparent
This is sensational! Insert a blank piece of paper into the machine, turn the knob… and from the opp..
Coin Fusion (US Half Dollar) by Chris Stickland
Effect A borrowed coin is held at your finger tips. The coin is torn completely in two. The tw..
59,90€ 49,90€
Collision V2 by Ravi Mayar and MagicTao
"Ravi is a modern day, magical Einstein. As always he delivers another excellent DVD. I always look ..
32,90€ 24,90€
Cube 3 By Steven Brundage
Everyone knows that solving a Rubik's Cube can be a long, frustrating, hair-pulling feat. That i..
Brace yourself to dive into a new era of super visual, impressive, and effective magic. With DEC..
Magical Tube Bill transforms Water
Easy Magic Trick Tube Bill transforms Water A blue vial(tube) with a grey cap is shown empty. A fo..
Nützliche Umwandlung
Der Zauberer nimmt eine Zigarette und nimmt sie in den Mund.Nun sucht er in der Tasche ein Feuer..
6,90€ 4,90€
Silver Copper Brass Transposition by LT Magic
The performer takes three coins (one copper, one silver, and one Chinese coin) and places them i..
A Packet of Backs by Wild-Colombini Magic
A funny routine to perform and watch! A card is selected from the deck. Say it is the 10D. The magic..
Card Cognition by Rodger Lovins
COGNITION - [The mental process of knowing] "This is one of the easiest mind reading, card effec..
Rainbow Jokers (Jumbo) by Astor
Effect: Four face up blue backed jokers turn over in a surprising manner, turn face up again, but n..
Bamboozler by Paul Gordon
Effect: Four blue-backed Bicycle playing cards are shown to have blank faces. Magically, a four..
29,90€ 24,90€
Cash Converter by Richard Griffin
Effect: A borrowed bill is folded in half lengthwise. It is then pulled through the fingers whe..
44,90€ 34,90€
Color Touch by Stephane Bourgoin - Book and Props
A multi-phase color changing deck and box routine. The magician removes a blue deck from a blue b..
44,90€ 34,90€
At the Table Live Lecture Joshua Jay - DVD
Joshua Jay: You all know the name! As a young lad, Joshua started dazzling the magic world with ..
Color Changing Rope with Kicker Ending by Mr. Magic
This is a beautiful, visual piece of magic that is easy to learn and perform. The magician is seen h..
Trespassing by Domenic Carbone - DVD
Imagine being able to have a bag penetration so flawless you don't have to switch bags... Wha..
32,90€ 16,90€
Barely Chewed by Chastain Criswell
Chastain Criswell, the creator of one of the biggest hits in magic , TAG, brings you BARELY CHEWED! ..
19,90€ 12,90€
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