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52B Wave by Vernet - original-artikel
The magician gives a blue backed deck to a spectator explaining it contains a prediction. Then h..
Card-Toon 2 - Trick - Card Toon
Here's a neat switch on the usual 'pick a card' routine that makes use of animation. Seen here i..
14,90€ 9,90€
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Cigarette thru Card - Double Back
There are many different models on the market, but this is the only precision die-cut by a machi..
9,90€ 8,90€
Der Vampir
Es werden vier Karten gezeigt: Eine ist mit derAbbildung von einem Vampir dargestellt; die ander..
5,90€ 4,90€
Electric Bicycle Deck
Electric Deck (50 Poker, Bicycle ) Using this special deck you can "waterfall" the cards from..
Glass Card Deck - Omni Deck
This utility prop provides an offbeat climax to any Ambitious Card routine. Spectator takes a ca..
Less is More (Standard Edition) by Benjamin Earl - Book
"Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today. Less is More, is a bona fide winner! It ..
Moving Points - 4 of Diamonds to 6D
The magician asks the audience to select a card. A prediction card is shown to be taped up i..
14,90€ 9,90€
Moving Points - 6 of Hearts to 8H
The magician asks the audience to select a card. A prediction card is shown to be taped up in an..
14,90€ 9,90€
Nützliche Umwandlung
Der Zauberer nimmt eine Zigarette und nimmt sie in den Mund.Nun sucht er in der Tasche ein Feuer..
6,90€ 5,90€
S.S.S. (SSS) by Shin Lim (DVD + Gimmick)
From the creative mind of Shin Lim comes an extremely versatile, dependable and inexpensive de..
29,90€ 24,90€
1 Beurteilungen.
Spielkarten Karnival ZRay by Big Blind Media
Hier ist noch ein weiteres originales und innovatives Kartenspiel….alle von Paul Zenon und Vin..
The Trilogy (3 DVD Set) by Dan And Dave Buck - DVD
The Trilogy is a 3 DVD box set containing over 6 hours of card tricks, flourishes and everythi..
74,90€ 59,90€
WOW! Card Trick
A chosen card turns under the eyes of the spectators in an extraordinary way. An easy trick bu..
19,90€ 9,90€
WOW! Card Trick + Spare Sleeve
Your spectators will be saying "WOW" when they see this incredibly visual card change, which hap..
24,90€ 12,90€
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Cap your Card by Olivier Pont
Cap your Card! A brand new creation by Olivier Pont! Everyone has done this. Opened a bottle ..
Out of This World by Alan Sands
Perform the classic effect, Out of This World, created by Paul Curry, using a deck of cards shuffled..
Asia Lecture Tour 2.0 by Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun - DVD
Want to learn more than card magic? This DVD explains incredible effects using not only cards, b..
Blank Phil Plus 2 (Version 2) by Trevor Duffy
A spectator merely thinks of a card and the magician names it! Surprised? ...Next, the magician thin..
Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz (DVD)
A new video release of Dani Daortiz, in one video he talks about technique, ideas, subtleties an..
Gaff-Tacular (DVD and Gimmicks) by Liam Montier
Stephen Tucker invented some AMAZING magic, and here, Liam Montier collects 6 of the ver..
NUMB - Parlour version by Richard T. Smith
Der Zauberer zeigte ein gut gemischtes Kartenspiel, mit Zahlen von 1 - 52 auf der Rückseite. Er ..
Real Man's Wallet
"Steve Draun's wallet is the most practical, well-made card to wallet I have seen to date. It is..
The Gypsy Curse - by Tonny van Rhee (DVD & Gimmick)
Hier ist der perfekte Einstieg in die Gypsy-Deck Serie. Kennen Sie noch den Gypsy Curse von Peter Ka..
Triple Coincidence Poker Edition by Christian Schenk
Ein einziges Kartenspiel, drei frei gewählte Zahlen und Karten mit perfekter Übereinstimmung, mi..
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