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A Fun Magic Coloring Book - medium
  Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain po..
A Fun Magic Coloring Book - Mini size
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, p..
Ball to Square Mystery
A sponge cube is displayed to the audience. The magician shows his left hand to be empty and then ..
7,90€ 6,90€
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Becherspiele aus Plastik
Drei kleine Kugeln aus lebendigen Farben werden unerklärlicherweise durch den Boden des Bechers ..
Childrens Thumb Tip - Rubber Junior/Small
These soft, small-sized thumb tips are realistically designed for all your magical routines. Inside ..
Coin Penetration
One of the most amazing and visual coin tricks you will ever see. The magician gives a coin and ..
Color Changing Sponge Balls (Red/Yellow)
A new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Comedy Glass in Paper Cone
The magician announces that he will try to make an interesting experience, although he is not ..
14,90€ 11,90€
Comedy Magic Coloring Book
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictu..
Das verzauberte Buch (Tiere) - Große
Öffnen Sie ein Buch zeigt Seiten ganz weiß. Machen Sie eine magische Geste, und durchsuchen es w..
Dice Bomb - Large - Black Spot Dice
A large die, easily visible in transparent box, explodes into 8 smaller black spot dice. The sma..
Lighted Mouth
Complete  include:  D'Lite Pair Set ( Morph Changing )  and a lite mouth set. ..
14,90€ 12,90€
Magic Wallet
Amaze your friends with Magic Wallet! Simply place money or cards into the wallet and when..
12,90€ 8,90€
Mystery Ufo - Floating Ufo
UFO: scam? Sports? Or a science? Not. UFO is just amazing magic props, no batteries, has no ..
Quo Vadis
Der Zauberer frägt einer Person aus dem Publikum ob er ihm eine Uhr leiht um sie dann in einem blaue..
Tattletale Dice
Two dice are placed in a box while the magician's back is turned. The magician shades the box an..
Verrückter Ball
Zeigen sie einen kleinen Ball und lassen sie sie springen und dann geben sie sie einem Zuschauer. Bi..
Denke an eine Zahl
Der Zauberer zeigt sechs Karten voll mit Zahlen und fragt einen Zuschauer das er an eine Zahl zwisch..
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Der dargestellte Löffel der sich biegt
Er zeigt einen Kartenspiel wo ein Löffel abgebildet ist. Rufen sie einen Zuschauer und fragen sie ih..
Instant Art Frame Insert - Frosty the Snowman by Ickle Pickles
Just in time for your Holiday shows! Frosty the Snowman magically changes from black and white t..
Sponge Ball to Duck by Mr. Magic
Transform two white sponge balls into one 3D sponge duck right in front of your spectator's eyes. ..
Super Soft Sponge - Something or Nothing (RED) by Magic By Gosh
Sponge words that are perfect for any magician... For whenever you need to throw out "Something" ..
Yo Yo Bag by G Sparks
"A beautiful drawstring bag that will vanish or appear any small item up to the size of a YO YO...
Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry - Book
A great book PACKED with bits and one-liners for performers. All bits and lines are categorized by e..
Open Sesame (Limited/Out of Print) by Eric C. Lewis and Wilfred Tyler - Book
Open Sesame has been considered one of the most important references on the subject of children's ma..
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