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Magie mit Blumen (68)

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25 Flower From Fingertips by Uday
At anytime during his show, the magician shows his hands empty, then begins to produce single flower..
Amazing Split Sunflower by Premium Magic
This is another version of Wilting Rose or Dropping Flower. However, in this version the magician ho..
Appearing & Vanishing Rose
The magician shows a piece of silk.  He covers his hand with the silk.  A rose appea..
Appearing Flower Boxes - mini
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
Appearing Rose
EFFECT 1: The magician freely shows a handkerchief on both sides, then reaches under the handk..
23,90€ 18,90€
Appearing Rose in Tube
The magician displays a transparent tube with a pot inside it. Instantly a rose on a stem appear..
Blumenstrauß aus Federn - Deluxe
Ein Klassiker der Magie, die seit jeher als der Effekt der Offenheit für viele professionelle Za..
128,90€ 99,90€
Blumenstrauß mit einer Feder von 37 cm Umfang
Produce this bouquet from your empty hands, magic apparatus, or from anywhere you like. • Diameter ..
Blumenstrauß mit einer Feder von 42 cm Umfang
Produce this bouquet from your empty hands, magic apparatus, or from anywhere you like.   ..
Botania - Super - With 25 flowers
  Der Magier zeigt dem Publikum einen eleganten Metallrohr komplett leer im Inneren. Nun werfe..
Color Change Flower
The  flowers can change color without leaving audiences's attention.   Perfect..
Die wunderbare Blumentopf
The Illusionist mit Blick auf eine kleine Tabelle positioniert weg von ihm. Oberhalb finden Sie ..
Disappearance of the flower pot
A vase full of flowers is seen on a stylish coffee table. The magician covers it with a scarf an..
Fantasy wallet
Der Magier zeigt einen schwarzen Ordner, öffnet es und erzeugt eine schöne Blume im Frühjahr. We..
Finger Flower Production (Set of 16) by Mr. Magic
The performer magically produces different colored flowers, one at a time from bare hands, causing a..
18,90€ 16,90€
Floral wreath - Jumbo
Waren Sie auf der Suche nach etwas, das Ihre Produktions Magie bereichern würde? Dieser Kranz i..
Flower Power (DVD and Gimmick) by Bazar de Magia - original-artikel
If you are looking for a visual and easy magic trick to do this is your choice. The flower tri..
Flower Production
Show three different colored silks holding them in your  fist by their corners. One at a ti..
Flowermania - Super
Der Magier zeigt dem Publikum einen Rechteckrohr völlig leer. Sie wird Ihre Hand passieren, um a..
Flowers for Vanishing Cane - Feathers
Here is a great prop for stage and parlor magicians. If you are tired of changing your disappear..
Four Balloon Flower Kit DIY SET (38 balloons 65cm) by Will Roya
Balloon Artist Flower (4 flowers) Kit. Includes 38 balloons, accessories and instruction sheet...
Glass castle
Take a transparent box with a wooden lid finely decorated and show it to all totally empty; now ..
Gloves to Bouquet
A pair of white gloves are removed . They are tossed in the air where they magically turn into a sma..
Instant Flower - DLX
The magician holds a picture of a Beautiful Flower Pot but, the audience notices that something is m..
Light in the Rose - Plus
Der Zauberer betritt die Bühne mit einer Rose in der Hand. Plötzlich fängt er an, etwas in der L..
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