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A Aposta (The Bet / Portuguese Language Only) by Juan Araújo - Video DOWNLOAD
The magician talks about the game Three Card Monte, where there are two matching cards and the playe..
BMagic Live by Ben Ludmer (Portuguese Language Only) video DOWNLOAD
Ben Ludmer is a Brazilian magician, actor, and comedian since 1988. His shows feature intelligent hu..
BMagic Live by Maurício Dollenz (Portuguese Language Only) video DOWNLOAD
Magician and Chilean actor Maurício Dollenz is on BMagic Live. Living in Brazil since 2013, Maurí..
Cards & Stage (Spanish language only) by Daniel K. - Video DOWNLOAD
One of the greatest magicians from Latin American, the Uruguayan Daniel K. is in BMagic Live. In th..
Cartomagia Expert by Raphael Seára (Portuguese Language) - Video DOWNLOAD
On this video Raphael Seára, a brilliant Brazilian magician with more than 15 years of experience, p..
Caso Singular (Ring in the Nest of Boxes / Portuguese Language Only) by Juan Araújo  - Video DOWNLOAD
Classic routine of Ring in the Nest of Boxes. A spectator's ring vanishes and then reappears inside ..
Chemical Magic by Logan (Portuguese Language) video DOWNLOAD
Effects: Transmutation Drink - The magician shows a spectator many cards with pictures of fruits on..
Close up Show com George Rubadel (Portuguese Language) - Video DOWNLOAD
In this video, the Brazilian magician George Rubadel performs classic and commercial close up magic ..
Comic Magic by Uno & Medio (Spanish only) video DOWNLOAD
Quique Marduk and Rey Ben are two Argentinean magicians with more than 17 years of performing ma..
Cubamagic Show by Rafael (Spanish Language only) - Video DOWNLOAD
Rafael Gómez Pérez was born in Cuba - a country that is present in his artistic name (Cubamagic). No..
Dinheiro na carteira (Bill in Wallet at back trouser pocket / Portuguese Language only) by Juan Araújo - Video DOWNLOAD
The magician says that they will multiply the money of a spectator, but of course, an initial invest..
Linking Pins (Portuguese Language Only)by Juan Araújo - Video DOWNLOAD
The Linking Rings is one of the most traditional effects in magic. Now you can present the same kin..
Mágica Kids by Hugo Moraes (Portuguese language) video DOWNLOAD
In this video prepared exclusively with children's magical effects, you will learn with the brazilia..
Produção de Sombrinhas (Portuguese Language only) by Robson Bianconi - Video DOWNLOAD
On this video the Brazilian magician, Robson Bianconi explains all you need to know to perform beaut..
Pure Mentalism by David Medina (Portuguese Language) video DOWNLOAD
David Medina is a brilliant mentalist performing nowadays in Brazil. With Medina you will learn the..
Special Cups & Balls (Portuguese Language Only) by Caetano Miranda
Caetano Miranda is a Brazilian magician and a truly master. He has been performing and teaching magi..
Ultimate Mentalism by Karllos Della Re (Portuguese only) video DOWNLOAD
Karllos Della Re is one of the greatest mentalists working today in Brazil. He was the Champi..
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