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21 by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD
21 is a fascinating reading and character analysis system for mentalists, mind-readers and magicians..
3 Coins 4 Your Thoughts by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD
Paul Voodini's 3 Coins 4 Your Thoughts is a full, self-contained, multi-phase reading system. It's p..
421 Transport by David Luu video DOWNLOAD
Here's a beauty of a multi-phase close-up card trick that entertains and astonishes! In the f..
A Lightning Rod to the Spirits by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD
Bizarre and spooky magic is all the rage these days! Find out why with this classic of the genre. A ..
A Magician Prepares: Act One - Interviews by Joshua Stenkamp and Jason Wethington eBook DOWNLOAD
A Magician Prepares Act One - Interviews explores the relationship between magic, art, and theat..
Affinity: Cold Reading's 3rd Way by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD
Affinity is a new way of looking at readings that takes the positive elements from both the esoteric..
After Dark by Matt Johnson video DOWNLOAD
After Dark by Matt Johnson - Achieve the power of X-Ray vision! Ever since its release, Dark..
At The Table July 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
First up this month is none other than Tom Elderfield! Tom is known as one of the first magician..
At The Table June 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
This June, join us for a pair of amazing lectures At The Table! First up is one of the most..
At The Table Live Lecture Christian Engblom June 21st 2017 video DOWNLOAD
One third of the world-famous Fat Brothers and a student of Juan Tamariz, Christian Engblom is n..
At The Table Live Lecture Marc Spelmann July 19th 2017 video DOWNLOAD
For over 20 years Marc Spelmann has been captivating audiences all over the world with his aston..
At The Table Live Lecture Paul Romhany June 7th 2017 video DOWNLOAD
One of the most prolific thinkers and creators in magic today! We're proud to welcome Paul Romha..
At The Table Live Lecture Steve Rowe November 1st 2017 video DOWNLOAD
Steve Rowe has literally exploded onto the magic scene in the last 5 years. Not only is his magic pr..
At The Table Live Lecture Tom Elderfield July 5th 2017 video DOWNLOAD
Tom Elderfield is known as one of the first magicians to use the Instagram platform to show off ..
At The Table November 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
First up this month is Steve Rowe, who has literally exploded onto the magic scene in the last 5 yea..
Banzapirolazuum by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD
In this video download, Amazo presents two incredible mindreading effects: New Traveling Card..
Bayonet Pop by Kelvin Trinh video DOWNLOAD
Cause your spectator's card to dramatically pop out of the deck! In this download, you will l..
Best for Last by Jason Ladanye video DOWNLOAD
Do you want to have your audience's mouths hang open from your prowess with cards? Here's a Poke..
Breakfast by Machammad Rahadyan video DOWNLOAD
The magician asks the spectator to take a card freely, without coercion. This card may be signed..
Cathy Shadows: Doing it for Real! by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD
Paul Voodini is proud to present the work of Cathy Shadows. Cathy Shadows is the pseudonym of a prof..
Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD
Anyone can do this trick, including those of you who are not smokers, because it's just for fun!..
Code Break by Joel Dickinson eBook DOWNLOAD
Unlock the secret! If you own an iPhone, you have a miracle at your fingertips. This is a strong..
Cold Reading Lecture by Paul Voodini eBook DOWNLOAD
In March of 2012, Paul Voodini was employed to give a 2-hour lecture on cold reading to the drama de..
Cone and Ball Lecture by Jeki Yoo video DOWNLOAD
A new and exciting lecture - a presentation and explanation of Jeki Yoo's unique version of the ..
Creepy Touch by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD
Here is something incredibly innovative, from the mind of Alessandro Criscione. Have you ever..
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