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Clever Sponge Ball Magic by Duane Laflin - Video DOWNLOAD
Begins with a complete sponge ball stage act. Following the routine you learn basic sleights such as..
Modern Hank Ball Manip. Laflin series 3 Video DOWNLOAD
MODERN HANK BALL MANIPULATION The handkerchief ball is a powerful gimmick, when you know how to use ..
Palmo, The Laflin Silk series vol.4 - Video DOWNLOAD
Learn how to use a gimmick that is so "old it is new." A palmo opens the door to many clever possibi..
Sensational Silk Magic And Simply Beautiful Silk Magic by Duane Laflin Video DOWNLOAD
This Download is about four hours long, loaded with ideas relating to silk magic. Sensational Silk ..
Silk Fountain, Laflin Silk series- 1 Video DOWNLOAD
This is the first program in Duane Laflin's new teaching series on silk magic. The intent it is to c..
Silken Sequences & Steals Laflin series - 2 Video DOWNLOAD
SILKEN SEQUENCES AND STEALS Here is a program that teaches you the most important secret in silk mag..
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