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A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show by Jonathan Royle eBook DOWNLOAD
This amazingly informative PDF will teach you how to present a Unique Psychic Development Work Shop ..
Asunder by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD
The Worker's Torn and Restored Card! A spectator selects a card, and it is then signed by you an..
At The Table Live Lecture Gary Jones October 18th 2017 video DOWNLOAD
A professional magician for over 25 years, Gary Jones has held the "Close-Up Performer of the Ye..
At The Table Live Lecture Steve Dela October 4th 2017 video DOWNLOAD
He's one of the most decorated magic performers in the world. He now holds the title of the "U.K.'s ..
At The Table October 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
This month, At The Table features a pair of the UK's most creative performers and creators. Fir..
Burned Vision by Mark Melchor and Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD
A burnt and restored matchbook routine like nothing you have ever seen before! You strike a match..
Chasm by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD
Justin Miller's evolution of the impromptu bill change! Change a small stack of bills right befor..
Cheating at the Table by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD
For the very first time, in this video, Amazo explains five new advanced techniques for Cheating..
Corner by ziv video DOWNLOAD
A Miracle to Behold! After tearing off the corner of a playing card, the magician waves his/her..
Creeper by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD
The Ultimate Haunted Wallet Effect! Make your wallet come to life even while the spectator is tou..
Deckless ACAAN by Unknown Mentalist eBook DOWNLOAD
A collection of 16 stunning routines based on the ACAAN (Any Card at Any Number) theme. The best..
Dnavmo by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD
A deck of cards is spread face up on the table, showing they are in no particular order. The cards..
EXOPALM the Shuriken Change by Saysevent video DOWNLOAD
An extremely instantaneous, visual card change that looks as though you're throwing a dagger. Us..
Freak Hole by RN Magic Ideas video DOWNLOAD
Freak Hole is a visual moving hole effect on a signed playing card. Have your spectator select any c..
Fred Outdone Squared by Wolfgang Riebe video DOWNLOAD
Based on the old 'Fred' card trick, Wolfgang launched his magician-fooling version, Fred Outdone..
Gaff School Volume 1 (Split Card Gaffs) by Jeremy Hanrahan video DOWNLOAD
Who amongst us can't survive without some great gaff cards? Many card tricks require them. Learn..
Ghost Corner by Gol D Iron/Inspired by Lubor Feidler video DOWNLOAD
A Haunting Mystery! You cleanly rip off the corner of a regular un-gimmicked playing card. You no..
God's Coin Trick by Rafael Benatar video DOWNLOAD
A fast-multi-phase, stand up coin magic miracle that your audiences are sure to love! Learn from..
GONE by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD
You present a coin, and explain how life is like a coin. "You can spend it any way you wish, but o..
iChange by Jassher Singh video DOWNLOAD
iChange is a super awesome effect! It's easy to do and easy to perform - anywhere, anytime. As yo..
LANK by Ciko Laksani video DOWNLOAD
A new method for balancing borrowed objects, created by Indonesian magician Ciko Laksani. The..
Mapping Miracles: Workable Ways to Meaningful Magic by Ralph Felder eBook DOWNLOAD
Magic is far more than tricks! For your magic to amaze your audience, there are many facets that you..
Move Zero (Vol 4) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD
"A master course in method and self-working magic!" - Jeff Stone, MagicReviewed Move Zero IV s..
Newmeric by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD
An amazing precognition effect done with playing cards! Your spectator will arrive at the very p..
Not by Much by Rafael Benatar video DOWNLOAD
An impossible, close-up card magic miracle with a killer ending! Throughout the routine, cards ch..
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