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2 Draw Duplications by Titanas video DOWNLOAD
From Titanas comes 2 diabolical methods to recreate the classic drawing duplication close-up using n..
Ballooned by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD
Another super visual penetration from the twisted brain of Nefesch. This time the spectator selects..
Crispes by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD
An amazing super clean penetration of a signed coin to a crispes bag. You borrow a coin which t..
Glastion by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD
The most INSANELY VISUAL penetration of a signed card through a sealed bottle is now released on it'..
Hatching by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD
You borrow a normal egg from a spectator, who signs it with a permanent pen. Then you borrow a coin ..
Horus by Luca Volpe and Titanas - DOWNLOAD
The 'Horus' contains some of Luca Volpes best kept secrets from his professional repertoire. Mixing ..
In My Mind 2 by Luca Volpe and Titanas video DOWNLOAD
After the success of IN MY MIND, Luca Volpe has returned with more fascinating routines from his pro..
In My Mind by Luca Volpe and Titanas video DOWNLOAD
  The VisionThis is the close-up version of the Horus Eye in which the spectator becomes a cla..
Metal by Dee Christopher and Titanas video DOWNLOAD
Shot on location in the UK, Titanas presents Dee Christopher's METAL. Teaching the guarded methodol..
Nephthys by Luca Volpe and Titanas eBook DOWNLOAD
Following the great response from his first book "HORUS" Luca Volpe returns with his second work "NE..
Newz by Nefesch eBook DOWNLOAD
A totally impromptu under test conditions newspaper or magazine test. A brand new totally impromptu..
PRR 2.0 by Nefesch eBook DOWNLOAD
In 2008 Nefesch released a 3 set DVD. One of the best received effects in the set had the title P.R...
Return of the Big Flap by Titanas and Chris Webb video DOWNLOAD
No threads and elastics because old school is the way!Imagine you show any bill or banknote of any v..
Russian Roulette with Cans by Titanas video DOWNLOAD
There are 6 bullets in a gun, 6 cans on the table. Can you guess which is going to fire? Do you feel..
Shudder by Dee Christopher video DOWNLOAD
The power to provoke motion with one's mind is something that has fascinated man since the existence..
Signed Bending Coins by Titanas video DOWNLOAD
These are 2 very clear signed coin bending variations.Can be performed almost impromptu and both of ..
Sticky by Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith video DOWNLOAD
Sticky is a video by Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith that contains 4 strong effects that you ca..
The Ultimate Chair Test Routine by Luca Volpe and Titanas - DOWNLOAD
This manuscript contains Luca Volpe's best stage routine but pay attention as it is NOT just a simpl..
Thought of Card in Balloon by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD
Luca Volpe - His passion for magic began as a young child upon receiving a magic gift box as a Chris..
Titanic Deck by Titanas eBook DOWNLOAD
Imagine a deck being fairly and thoroughly shuffled by yourself AND the spectator. Under total test ..
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