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After Dark by Matt Johnson video DOWNLOAD
After Dark by Matt Johnson - Achieve the power of X-Ray vision! Ever since its release, Dark..
Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD
Anyone can do this trick, including those of you who are not smokers, because it's just for fun!..
Code Break by Joel Dickinson eBook DOWNLOAD
Unlock the secret! If you own an iPhone, you have a miracle at your fingertips. This is a strong..
Dropped by Madison Hagler video DOWNLOAD
Madison Hagler and Rich Piccone have teamed up to bring you a release four years in the making. ..
Foreseen by Joel Dickinson eBook DOWNLOAD
Joel Dickinson presents, Foreseen. A "Which Hand" routine with a BIG difference. An effect for m..
Hotels in Mind by Prasanth Edamana Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
Here's a mind-boggling three- phase mentalism routine. Each one delivers a powerful punch! Th..
Insert by Stefanus Alexander video DOWNLOAD
One of the great magical effects is demonstrating Solid Through Solid. INSERT, our new video dow..
IVCC - Improved Vanishing Card Case by Matthew Johnson video DOWNLOAD
A card case cleanly vanishes, leaving just the deck. After the vanish, the deck can be shown fro..
Jumping Card Pro by Brancato Mauro Merlino (magie di merlino) video DOWNLOAD
An improved version of an old classic. A freely chosen card is mixed in the deck. Half of the de..
LIFT by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD
Remove a card from a deck of cards, and place a coin on top of the card. The coin can be borrowed or..
Move Across by Joel Dickinson Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
A cross is drawn on the top corner of a selected and signed playing card. Then the magician plac..
NEBULA by Bilal Abidi eBook DOWNLOAD
"Good thinking, Bilal!" - Lior Manor WELCOME TO NEBULA! What is NEBULA? NEBULA is a princ..
One in Six by Joel Dickinson eBook DOWNLOAD
One in Six - Stage and Close-Up Three participants sit on stage. An object is passed between t..
PaC Stack by Paul Carnazzo video DOWNLOAD
The latest in Mental Voyage's Arts & Crafts series! PaC Stack is an innocent-looking, eas..
Polarized by James Howells Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
Polarized - Use a Polaroid to pay out an old lottery ticket. An old lottery ticket and a Pola..
RudiMental by David Jonathan eBook DOWNLOAD
From David Jonathan, the creator of the acclaimed effect, Fortuity, comes RudiMental. This collectio..
Safely Thru by Kareem Ahmed video DOWNLOAD
Safely Thru is a cool visual penetration routine. Imagine this... you take a safety pin and, aft..
SIGHTLESS by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD
SIGHTLESS was designed to give the illusion that the audience has full control of the whole proc..
Simple Sleightless ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
One of the simplest methods to perform the holy grail of card magic -- Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN..
SOLVED by Subrata Banerjee video DOWNLOAD
EFFECT: Imagine showing a blank CROSSWORD PUZZLE from a newspaper and, with a shake, it is entir..
T.N.T. Hypnosis by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
T.N.T. HYPNOSIS = THINGS that Nobody ever Taught about Hypnosis There are lots of DVDs and Bo..
The Open Prediction by Matt Johnson video DOWNLOAD
"I love when the magic is hidden in plain sight and yet completely invisible. This is a well tho..
The Trix by Joel Dickinson video DOWNLOAD
Joel has been perfecting these mind-blowing tricks over many professional performances. The effe..
The Vault - Gerard on Hoy by Andrew Gerard video DOWNLOAD
Learn the world's greatest un-gimmicked, impromptu, anytime anywhere book test! Plus 3 incredibl..
Triveal by Joel Dickinson eBook DOWNLOAD
The perfect mind reading effect. A prediction is handed out before anything else happens and is neve..
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