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SOLOMAGIA - magic tricks

Tora Large Pan Multi Times
As you can see from the photo and video, this new concept conveys the ability to transform vario..
Tora Automatic Top Hat to Bird Cage
The magician shows a magical cylinder. A moment later he makes a stick out of nowhere. Tap with ..
Tora Coin Bucket 3 Times
The wizard shows a bucket of ice, then pretends to throw a coin to the same and this will appear..
Tora Dice Tower
The magician shows four white dadons stacked one on the other. It then shows a rectangular tube ..
Tora Mental Dice
The mentalist shows a multicolored dad, placed on a pedestal, and a cover. It asks a viewer to c..
Tora Fire and Dove Box
The magician shows an empty box. Immediately after the flames emerge from the box. Then he turns..
Hype Playing Cards
A wonderful bouquet released exclusively to Cardistry-Con 2017 in Los Angeles, the cards are qui..
Money to Card - by Emanuele Moschella
The magician chooses a card and this is put in the deck. Then he bets 5 Euros who will find th..
Bicycle Natural Disasters  - complete series 7 Decks by HOPC by Collectable Playing Cards
The Bicycle Natural Disasters "Blizzard" Playing Cards is the fifth in a series of 7 natural dis..
89,90€ 79,90€
Drifters Playing Cards
For the ramblers. For the gamblers. For the drifters: The hand that life deals us can never be p..
Prediction Box by Maurizio Visconti
Here is a versatile sure fire prediction that will amaze any kind of audience. The magician sho..
Red Knights Playing Cards
Once again Daniel Madison & Chris Ramsay have teamed up to bring you the second entry in the..
Magnetic Thumb Tip by Vernet
The Magnetic Thumb Tip is made with our famous Vernet Thumb Tip and the most powerful magnet you can..
Sherpa Fountain Pen
This new fountain pen created by Sherpa fits perfectly into your Sherpa pen. It looks extremely eleg..
Sherpa Pen - Gunmetal brushed
Transform your Sharpie into a stylish Fountain Pen! Add style to your close-up performance by..
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