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SOLOMAGIA - magic tricks

The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo by Will Dexter - Book
A fascinating account of the of the life of Chung Ling Soo (William E. Robertson). You'll learn abou..
The Magic Kettle (Any Drink Called For!) by Jeffery Atkins - Book
This is a 'must-own' book for anyone who is currently performing or even thinking about performing t..
The Hofner Quintet by John Hofner - Book
The Hofner Quintet offers three complete mentalism effects for stage. Each effect is taught in great..
The Butterfly Treasure Limited Numbered Set (2 marked decks, 2 unmarked decks and book)
"Those cards are beautiful... a very, very pretty deck." - Penn Jillette (As seen on Penn &..
Super Aquarium Frame by Tora Magic
Do you want to produce an object for your audience? How about 12 times? The magician shows an..
Stuntrix by Ken Scholes - Book
Stuntrix is filled with clever and fun bar-bet style effects. Coins, cards, matches, salt, scissors ..
Spoiler Alert (Introduction by John Bannon) by Ryan Matney - Book
You are about to encounter the card magic of Ryan Matney. These card tricks have been highly praised..
Showmanship and Presentation by Edward Maurice - Book
Showmanship and Presentation focuses on how to make the art of magic entertaining. From the opening ..
Santa Hat Tear by Ra El Mago and Julio Abreu
Here's a timely magic trick for the Christmas holidays - and with children, it's so cute! San..
Quidnunc Plus! by Paul Gordon
"Paul is one of the best card entertainers I have ever seen." - J.C. Wagner Quidnunc Plus! 2..
Practical Hypnotism by Ed Wolff - Book
This book is a step-by-step course on how to successfully hypnotize a perfect stranger. All aspects ..
Novel Notions by Ian Adair - Book
Novel Notions is classic Adair! Packed with great magic and plots. Mostly stand-up but still contain..
NeoMix (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Jim Krenz
Jim Krenz won the coveted Fechter's MVP award the year he debuted NeoMix. For those who don't know, ..
Modern Warships Playing Cards
Introducing Modern Warships Playing Cards, the first deck in a series of military-themed cards desig..
Limited Edition "ROYAL" Playing Cards by Natalia Silva
Here's a deck you'll be proud to use. It shows your interest in Royal history, and will make you sta..
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