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Crystal Card Press
Crystal Card Press, which is made of touch panel materials, can make used cards return to be flat an..
29,90€ 14,90€
Karate Coin - Half Dollar
Fantastic Bullet thru Coin Look A simple and amazing trick that always gets a wow. Flip a ..
18,90€ 9,90€
Machine by Aaron Fisher (DVD + Gimmicks)
Aaron started with a classic self-working effect by Dai Vernon and combined it with a powerful..
29,90€ 14,90€
Magic Bottle Holder (Magician's Rope Edition)
Create this magical Illusion in your Kitchen or Dining Room and have some fun with your friends &..
44,90€ 22,90€
Matrix 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain
Show your audience a playing card, explaining that it's your favorite. Pass it out for examinati..
34,90€ 17,90€
Money Making Envelope (Three times)
How poss A magician shows a 5 yuan bill which is wrapped by 3 pieces of papers. He wrapped it a..
29,90€ 14,90€
Nick Lewin Ultimate Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head - DVD
All you need are thirteen paper napkins, an empty chair, and THIS ROUTINE! This routine is on..
99,00€ 49,50€
Reverse Topit Gimmick by Jean-Pierre Crispon
From Jean-Pierre Crispon's pattern, the designer of the New Topit, the Reverse Topit.  ..
39,90€ 19,90€
Safety (DVD & Gimmick) by Chris Mayhew and Ellusionist
Safety is Chris Mayhew’s streamlined approach to the classic linking safety pin plot. Tw..
34,90€ 17,90€
Shadow Thief by Vanishing (DVD & Gimmick)
Change the shadow of one card into another, and then change the card itself! After a selected..
24,90€ 12,90€
The Perfect Coin Pall 2.0 + Palming Coins (Morgan)
This is one of the best ungimmicked buckets that has ever been made for performing the Miser's D..
49,90€ 24,90€
Trace of Thought (DVD and Props) by SansMinds Creative Lab - original item
What if you have the ability to extract a person's thought and materialize it? Imagine a specta..
39,90€ 19,90€
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