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1 Pair Female Joke Funny Glasses
1 Pair Female Joke Funny Glasses for Halloween Party Show Prop  This pair of joke funny glasse..
1 Pair Male Joke Funny Glasses
Product Description 1 Pair Male Joke Funny Glasses for Halloween Party Show Prop. This pair of jok..
3 in 1 Shock Car Remote Control
Overview 1) Electrical joke remote control   2) Harmless to our body   3) It will sh..
90ft Mouth Coil (White) by Ra El Mago and Metusen
Have you ever wanted to pull a seemingly unending amount of steel from your mouth? One that keeps go..
Cigarette Catching Gimmick (Set Of 2) by Uday
The magician 'catches' cigarettes from the air, behind his head and many other places. Each ciga..
An original effect, to always carry. Shows three blank cards and a card on which is depicted a cloc..
Coffee Cup Chop Cup (3 cups and 2 balls) by Leo Smetsers
Magicians from all over the world fascinate their audiences with routines -- using just a cup an..
Covert Clicker
This device measures 1½" x 2½" x and less than ¼" thick. Includes batteries. This device is so sm..
Escape Shackles - Gold
A volunteer is chosen and handed a steel shackle with four chains attached to it. After close ex..
19,90€ 16,90€
Escape Shackles - Silver
A volunteer is chosen and handed a steel shackle with four chains attached to it. After close ex..
19,90€ 16,90€
Funny Sausage Lips
Material: soft silica Just put the sausage mouth on your lips and glued with double-faced tape Mak..
Loves Me...Loves Me Not by Martin Mercy - original item
This is a nice little effect using Ed Marlo's "Olram Subtlety".  This product Come complete wi..
16,90€ 14,90€
Mental Prediction Board by Royal Magic
Three examples of mind reading in one! The magician introduces a board with six spaces for writing ..
9,90€ 7,90€
Miracle Rabbit from Magic by Gosh
The magician displays a red sponge ball and claims that he will actually make it disappear in fron..
Money Maker - Transparent
This is sensational! Insert a blank piece of paper into the machine, turn the knob… and from the opp..
Neck Cracker
This gimmick will make a loud "bone cracking" sound. With it you can surprise, and freak out your ..
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Novelty Sounding Pen
Do you want interesting and vivid Novelty Toy? Here the Novelty Toy can satisfy your needs. Th..
Overstuft by Bizzaro and Theory11
You eat the cream inside of an Oreo cookie - and then, so visually, it REFILLS itself! As seen o..
Rocco's Glass Dropper by Rocco Silano
The glass dropper is a cleverly designed utility device that Rocco uses to reach into his jacket and..
Rocco's Glass Holder by Rocco Silano
The glass holder is a small metal clip that will hold a glass clipped to your waist so you can secre..
Safety Electric Shock Chocolate
Are you bored with slavish toy in the market? Why don’t you try this creative toy ? It will be your ..
Self Explosion Glass - Small (6 Pieces)
Effect: The spectator is encouraged to inspect a small glass to make sure that it is solid. I..
115,90€ 89,90€
Sexy Surprise - Ding Dong
Three sponge balls, one at a time, magically jump from the performer’s hand to the hand of a spectat..
11,90€ 9,90€
Shock Hand Buzzer
Shock Shocking Hand Buzzer Funny Gag Toy Prank Joke  Wind up Funny Shocking Toy which vibrates..
Shocking Hand Grip
Features:   100% brand new and high quality. Electric Shock Trick Toy. Wind up Funny Shocki..
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