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Appearing Rose
EFFECT 1: The magician freely shows a handkerchief on both sides, then reaches under the handk..
23,90€ 18,90€
Ball to Square Mystery
A sponge cube is displayed to the audience. The magician shows his left hand to be empty and then ..
7,90€ 6,90€
Based on 1 reviews.
Color Changing Sponge Balls (Red/Yellow)
A new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Soft sponge balls - Set of 4 balls 4.0 cm - Red
The magician shows three sponge balls. One at a time will appear magically in the spectator's ha..
5,90€ 3,90€
Sponge Gimmick
The magician slowly revolves his hand front to back, showing it to be unquestionably empty to ..
9,90€ 7,90€
Based on 1 reviews.
Super soft sponge ball red - Single 4.0 cm
The sponge balls from traveling magician's hands to those of an unseen audience, SUPER SOFT version...
The Shrinking Cigarette
Shown a cigarette, insert it in a suitable tube and ... magically become very small. The game is..
6,90€ 5,90€
VDR by Kelvin Chow
One of the most powerful utility device for close-up magic and mentalism. Highly versatile Pra..
Cap your Card by Olivier Pont
Cap your Card! A brand new creation by Olivier Pont! Everyone has done this. Opened a bottle ..
Instant Rubik by Sumit Chhajer
Instant Rubik is a simple and a very visual trick. You must be a genius to solve a Rubik's Cube,..
Original Auto Silk to Rose by JL Magic
Do you want to charm and amaze your audience? Then Silk to Rose is what you've been waiting for...
Yo Yo Bag by G Sparks
"A beautiful drawstring bag that will vanish or appear any small item up to the size of a YO YO...
Double Locked Mystery Box by Premium Magic
The Magician borrows a ring, coin, or a $100.00 bill (bank note) from someone in the audience. He th..
Real Man's Wallet
"Steve Draun's wallet is the most practical, well-made card to wallet I have seen to date. It is..
Neon Box (Gimmick and Online Instructions)
Forget everything that has 'GONE' before! From the creative mind of Rizki Nanda comes Ne..
 Mr. Pearl - Pearl’s Coin
Mr. Pearl is one of the leading magicians in Korea. He has won both in Korea and Japan the Grand..
Envelope by Kobayashi
Effect #1 Magician hands out an envelope to make sure it's clipped. Now the magician ask..
39,90€ 19,90€
FROGY by Snake (DVD & Gimmick)
You show a prediction laying down on top of a box of cards; a prediction in full view, it can be..
44,90€ 39,90€
Bazinga Box by James Keatley
Have a card chosen and signed. You place the card back inside the card box. You hand the box bac..
The Spring in Vase
This is a nice close up item which is easily performed in any stages. The magician shows an em..
Vision Purse
Vision Purse MAGICALLY expands the possibilities of your coin magic routine. Even if you are new to..
89,00€ 44,90€
20th Century Silks by Uday
The magician displays two violet-colored silk handkerchiefs and ties them together at the corners. H..
3D Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase by Mr. Magic
Want a powerful visual effect for your parlor or stage show? The Mr. Magic 3D Flower Bouquet Bloomin..
3Sixty by Wayne Dobson - original
3Sixty by Wayne Dobson is a revolutionary card to box effect. A perfect ending to your ambitious..
4D Gift Board
Magician shows a frame. There are a gift box on the picture...magician displays the both sides of th..
260,90€ 169,90€
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