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A Fun Magic Coloring Book - medium
  Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain po..
A Fun Magic Coloring Book - Mini size
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, p..
Color Changing Magic Hanky (include 2 silk)
Show two different colored hankies tied together. Pass the hankies through your hand. Th..
Color Changing Sponge Balls (Red/Yellow)
A new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Comedy Magic Coloring Book
A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictu..
Magic Animal Coloring Book
Flip through this coloring book and your class will go wild! Hold the book in a certain position..
Magic Coloring Book - Large
A coloring book is shown to the audience. First the pages are blank. Then they are black with ..
Money Maker - Transparent
This is sensational! Insert a blank piece of paper into the machine, turn the knob… and from the opp..
Card into match box
The magician takes a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. Now, he looks for a lighter in his ..
6,90€ 5,90€
Cube 3 By Steven Brundage
Everyone knows that solving a Rubik's Cube can be a long, frustrating, hair-pulling feat. That i..
Linko (POLO) by Ben Williams
Link the mints on a packet of POLO, then link the mints too! "Linko is a fun, organic effect"..
Ripped & Repaired David Forrest
(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso)   A new approach to the T&R ..
22,90€ 16,90€
Silver Copper Brass Transposition by LT Magic
The performer takes three coins (one copper, one silver, and one Chinese coin) and places them i..
Strikingly odd by Kevin Philip
Strikingly odd is a weird but amazing card trick! In a blue deck of card you show that one ca..
22,90€ 16,90€
#Augmented (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe and Renato Cotini
Create your own reality Are you ready to impress your audience and get more bookings? If ..
Pierce (DVD only) by Jibrizy Taylor and SansMinds - DVD
Passing solid through solid is a classic and powerful magic illusion. When it's applied on an ev..
24,90€ 19,90€
Stacks by SansMinds Creative Lab
Have you been looking for the perfect ending effect for your card routine? What about that pe..
39,90€ 29,90€
Color Changing Rope with Kicker Ending by Mr. Magic
This is a beautiful, visual piece of magic that is easy to learn and perform. The magician is seen h..
Fall Transpo by SMagic Productions
Here's the game-changer version on the classic plot, Transpo. Smagic proudly brings you: Fall..
Trespassing by Domenic Carbone - DVD
Imagine being able to have a bag penetration so flawless you don't have to switch bags... Wha..
Diabolical Envelope
The magician has an envelope, inside there is a card with its blue back, its prediction. Then h..
Four King Miracle (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Henri White
From the creator of The Souvenir, Henri White Presents Four King Miracle Two jokers are shown..
Joined by Dario Capuozzo and Titanas Magic
Looking for the easiest, yet most visible and practical methods for a torn and restored card? D..
39,90€ 32,90€
Mahogany Jumping Gems by Rich Hill
This beautiful Mahogany Jumping Gems set was inspired by a conversation with magician Josh Silverste..
Pencil to Flower by Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic Pencil to Flower is a great effect that is easy to do AND the magic happens in the spectat..
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