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3 Vol. Combo Juan Tamariz Lessons in Magic video DOWNLOAD
Juan Tamariz is a one-of -a-kind performer.  A household name in his native Spain , he is one ..
4 Aces video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Lessons in Magic Volume 3 by Juan Tamariz - DVD)
Juan Tamariz is a one-of-a-kind performer. A household name in his native Spain , he is one of the m..
50 Ways To Rock A Lighter video DOWNLOAD
  Ever since the iconic Zippo lighter was introduced back in 1933, its users have applied cool..
A Marked and Borrowed Quarter video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Klose-Up And Unpublished by Kenton Knepper - DVD)
From the DVD Klose-Up And Unpublished by Kenton Knepper comes an amazing routine whether you show a ..
A Slice of At the Table LIVE  video DOWNLOAD
MORE OFTEN (WEEKLY) + MORE TRICKS + MORE FUN + GREAT ARTISTS If you haven't seen an At the Table ..
All Backs video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Stars Of Magic #4 (Derek Dingle) - DVD)
Dingle's reputation as one of the world's best sleight-of-hand artists is unsurpassed. Performance ..
An Ambitious Card video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Stars Of Magic #3 (Frank Garcia))
Murphy's Magic Supplies is proud to present the only broadcast-quality video available from Frank Ga..
Art Of Astonishment by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD
Paul Harris is perhaps the single most creative force magic has ever had to offer. Known for his off..
At A Loose End video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Taped! by Steve Bedwell - DVD)
No one saw him coming... In 1994, England's Steve Bedwell made the trip to Orlando, Florida to comp..
At The Table April 2016 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
We start our April line up with one of New York's finest card handlers, Xavior Spade. If you haven't..
At The Table April 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
April is a month for uber-visual magic from two ingenious creators. First up! Patrick Kun is back..
At The Table August 2015 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD
Our August Line-up is an "A" list of creators! First up, all the way from Greece, one of mentalism's..
At The Table August 2016 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
In August, we're starting off with two lecturers for the price of one. You may not have heard of the..
At The Table December 2015 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD
We have an exceptional month lined up for December's At the Table Experience as we welcome two of ma..
At The Table December 2016 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
December is a month of Spanish magicians who will not only entertain you, but also teach you som..
At The Table February 2016 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD
February kicks off with the king of busking and legendary funny man, Gazzo! We're taking you step by..
At The Table February 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
This month begins with a man known for vanishing Puerto Rico's Capitol Building and is the current w..
At The Table January 2016 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD
We are back and ready to kick off 2016 with some of the strongest, most practical magic, taught by s..
At The Table January 2017 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
2017 starts with a bang, with Menny Lindenfeld. If you've never seen "The ParaMentalist" perform bef..
At The Table July 2015 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD
A Canuck Special! Two of Canada's busiest performers join us for an unforgettable and exclusive exp..
At The Table June 2015 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD
The June At the Table Experience is where it's at! From up-and-coming rising star Casshan Wallace, t..
At The Table June 2016 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
As a close up magician, Cameron is well known for his off-beat, quirky style of magic. He has perfor..
At the Table Live Lecture - Alex Pandrea 5/7/2014 - video DOWNLOAD
At the Table: Alex Pandrea May 7, 2014 Alex Pandrea has surged to the cutting edge of sleight of ..
At the Table Live Lecture - Dan Hauss 9/10/2014 - video DOWNLOAD
Dan Hauss is an absolute magic genius. Having been a creative force to the one and only David Blaine..
At the Table Live Lecture - Dani DaOrtiz 01/28/2015 - video DOWNLOAD
We have seen Dani DaOrtiz MELT the minds of his fellow magicians during late-night sessions at conve..
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