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4 Change by bboymaigic  - Video DOWNLOAD
4 CHANGE by BBOYMAGIC (4 Change is a simple money change that happens 4 times it will blow the audi..
Bottle Magic By Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
Learn how to transport things through a bottle, see and feel it happen! An impossible penetration o..
Bottle Through Table by Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
In this video you will see me magically levitate a coke bottle in mid air and then then the impossib..
Call Demons by Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
The appearance of ghost calls Call Demons is a very mysterious and mystic phone magic trick ..
Coin Through Bottle By Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
Coin through the bottle - the new trick! In this trick, the coin is signed by audience. This trick ..
Ghost Pennies by Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
This is one magical game that we can take anywhere and to test the audience. It's easy to do. ..
Invisible Fish by bboymaigic  - Video DOWNLOAD
Invisible Fish by Bboymagic With just a Sealed glass and a piece of paper, you can create a miracle..
M.O.V. by bboymaigic  - Video DOWNLOAD
M.O.V by bboymagic M.O.V can make anything float. easy to do easy to perform easy to set up ..
Magic Cigarette Pack by Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
Imagine being able to animate a pack of cigarettes to flip open and animate a cigarette to come out ..
Magic with coin by hoang sam  - Video DOWNLOAD
Here's how to make a coin go through bottle, very easy to make and simple, can be done on all types ..
Phone in Bottle ver 2 0 by Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
Learn Here how to put a phone in a bottle, see and feel it happen! This phone in the bottle trick i..
Reset Cigarette 2.0 By Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD
An empty pack of Cigarettes becomes full with a simple magical gesture. A great effect that you will..
Sly Card by bboymaigic  - Video DOWNLOAD
Sly Card by Bboymagic (Imagine being able to reveal cards in a visual way without looking at them.T..
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