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Stregone Wand (Hand Made)
This beautiful handcrafted wand is made from aged hardwood. Each wand in this series is a unique to ..
Stretch Limo Hot Rod by Precision Magic
A Classic Black Anodized Aluminum Hot Rod that is 6 Inches in length. Just the right size for the Ma..
Subterfuge 2.0 Magic System (Large) by Kenneth Sanders - DVD & Gimmick
SMS is a PK system that uses no pulls, strings, or fishing line. SMS can be performed in a T-Shi..
99,90€ 49,95€
Subterfuge 2.0 Magic System (Small) by Kenneth Sanders - DVD & Gimmick
SMS is a PK system that uses no pulls, strings, or fishing line. SMS can be performed in a T-Shi..
99,90€ 49,95€
Super Mental Recognition by Harvey Raft
Two different sets of cards are supplied for this wonderful effect. One set hasimages of very recogn..
54,90€ 39,90€
Super Morgan Dollar & Expanded Shell Super Morgan Dollar
An absolutely beautiful replica of a Morgan Dollar,  a full  3.8 cm size! finish to your c..
23,90€ 19,90€
Super Sensory Touch Contact by Harvey Raft
(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) The question is asked, "What exactly is SUPE..
59,90€ 29,95€
Switcher trick (red) from Richard James Magic
"The most visual card switch ever invented." Richard James brings you his range of Mind Blowi..
59,90€ 29,95€
Symbol Minded by Mark Strivings
An incredible mentalism effect that baffles audiences! Picture this: I'm at a cocktail party a..
TAKEOFF by Jason Palter with Jumbo Cards
The Vanishing Airplane for Parlor and Stage THE "OUT TO LUNCH" MAGIC PRINCIPLE... BUT NOW JU..
Taped! by Steve Bedwell - DVD
No one saw him coming... In 1994, England's Steve Bedwell made the trip to Orlando, Florida t..
29,90€ 24,90€
Tarot by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
Much more than a popular form of fortune telling, some say that a great and ancient wisdom is hi..
24,90€ 12,45€
The Blue Crown Mini Series: Ramsetu by Mayank Chaubey - DVD
An impossible balancing act right before your eyes! Imagine taking 3 cards out of the deck and b..
The Blue Crown Mini Series: The Crossroad by The Blue Crown - DVD
The spectator merely thinks of any card in the pack and names it out loud. The spectator shuffle..
The Card In Mind System by Peter West - DVD & Gimmicks
Any Card named by the spectator will appear inside of an apple! That's just one example that ..
64,90€ 32,45€
The Complete Walton Vol. 3 by Roy Walton - Book
This is the long awaited third volume of card magic by the world-renowned magician, Roy Walton. It h..
Back of Tora Cube (Handcraft Antique)
Magic and Audience Participation together! This one's great fun, because your audience is constan..
Blue Spotitis by Ken de Courcy - Book
Do you like magic whereby you don't need to buy special apparatus? How about magic utilizing everyda..
Coin Penetration Tube by Uday
Coin penetrates through a solid plastic sheet secured between two plated tubes. ..
Color Changing Dice (4 Wooden Die)
Get spontaneous applause and WOW's from your audience! Show a giant white die on all sides. Place..
Fake Milk - Super OOM
Why bring you real milk to effect milk effects? Just a few drops of Super OOM in a little water to ..
HUMINT by Phill Smith
Interrogators prize two skills above all others: the ability to detect lies, and the talent to ident..
Indian Sweet Vase (Metal) by Mr. Magic
With endless possibilities, switch one object into another, right in front of your audience! For exa..
Infinity Bend by Eric Ross - DVD
Eric Ross' Infinity Bend allows you to perform the most visual coin bends ever seen. Eric came u..
29,90€ 24,90€
Instant Magic Table by Mr. Magic
A tray (15 1/2" by 12") transforms into a sturdy, four-legged magic table. A visually magical way to..
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