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The News Today 25/05/2017 offers you every day the NEWS by the most prestigious and important producers in the world of magic
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Dani DaOrtiz - Inside the Vault
He walked into the studio. 30 minutes later our jaws were on the floor. This man's knowledge ..
Floating Currency
The magician rests a banknote flat on the palm of his hands. He concentrates, and mysteriously t..
Fortuity by David Jonathan (Gimmicks and DVD)
From the creative mind of David Jonathan comes Fortuity. An amazing prediction that looks so cle..
Horseshoe Puzzle - Silver
This classic metal take-apart puzzle features fine decorative horseshoes as well as solid constructi..
Monarchs  Playing Cards - Invisible Deck by Theory11
This is the classic and famous routine of the invisible deck performed with one of the most famo..
Routines Matter by T. Lewis & P. Willmarth - Book
This amazing book presents 40 stand-up and close-up routines as used By Trevor in his adult club and..
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