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Card into match box
The magician takes a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. Now, he looks for a lighter in his ..
6,90€ 4,90€
Electric Bicycle Deck
Electric Deck (50 Poker, Bicycle ) Using this special deck you can "waterfall" the cards from..
Fanning and Manipulation Cards
Fanning and Manipulation Cards, made for magicians, are special manipulation cards and make th..
9,90€ 7,90€
Pet Store Profile by Graeme Shaw & Michael Murray
(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) One of the all-time greatest packet tricks h..
Ultra Diminishing Cards
A fan of regular size cards repeatedly diminishes several times to half, then a quarter, then on..
10,90€ 8,90€
Cap your Card by Olivier Pont
Cap your Card! A brand new creation by Olivier Pont! Everyone has done this. Opened a bottle ..
Rainbow Jokers (Jumbo) by Astor
Effect: Four face up blue backed jokers turn over in a surprising manner, turn face up again, but n..
Cane to Flower - Magnetic
The magician shows a walking wand. It rests on an exposed base and magically the wand turns into..
Windmirror - 3 Layers Cube
For lovers of the classic Rubik cube, here's a similar high-performance similar puzzle!   The..
Nine Sided Die by Angelo Carbone
A large die just over 4" in size is shown and at first impressions seems to be a regular six sid..
Transformation Cube Box
The magician shows a colorful square. He inserts it inside a box shown empty and, in an instant,..
Nine Sided Die
A large die just over 4" in size is shown and at first impressions seems to be a regular six sid..
21,90€ 19,90€
3 Rope Card Trick  - JUMBO (21 cm x 15 cm)
"The Professor's Nightmare" is one of the most popular rope tricks of all time, and with good re..
14,90€ 9,90€
(L)Eye Detector by Harvey Raft
"Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception" "What exactly is Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception?" Th..
64,90€ 49,90€
3 Card Routine (Cards and DVD) by Steve Valentine
Some of you may know Steve Valentine from TV's CROSSING JORDAN or I'M IN THE BAND, some may reme..
ABC Block Prediction
This is a very magical and ingenious way of revealing a selected card - it maintains the audienc..
Ace to Queen
A Visible Painting with Cards!A card, Queen of diamonds, is chosen and not shown. An 8 ½ by 12 in..
29,90€ 24,90€
Against all Odds by Alakzam Magic
If there is one thing we all have in common it's that everybody wishes they could predict the Lo..
Amazing penetration
Show a nut and a box of plastic. Both have, on two opposite sides, a hole that passes through th..
Appearing Dice From Bag by Premium Magic
The performer shows a paper bag to be completely empty. All the sides of the bag are displayed fairl..
Appearing Dice from Empty Bag by Tora Magic
This huge production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... an..
Automatic Three Card Monte
The classic Three Card Monte with giant cards (8.8 x 6.4 cm)  made of  hard paper.&nbs..
Automatic Three Card Monte - Giant (28x21cm)
The classic Three Card Monte with giant cards (38 x 28 cm)  made of  hard paper.&n..
39,90€ 29,90€
Backstage - Behind the Scenes
An elegant and magic stage, where cards magically vanish! • Spectators originally believe they ha..
Bicycle - Big Box - Brainwave - Blue
Finally a jumbo deck, perfect for performing the "Brainwave deck" also on stage.   The ma..
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