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Apparizione della scala by Wayne Rogers
The magician brings up a paper bag, in an instant, a ladder! Just great!   • Perfect f..
Appearing Billiard Stick by Tora Magic - original item
This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as ..
69,00€ 59,90€
Appearing Dice from Empty Bag by Tora Magic - original item
This huge production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and ..
Arm Apart
The magician places his arm inside a box and inserts two solid blades in its middle. By doing th..
Back to watch
A pentagonal shape black board standing on the table is seen. It’s also seen that there are six ..
Ball to Rubik and Dice by Tora Magic
Botania - Super - With 25 flowers
The magician shows the audience a sleek metal tube completely empty inside. Now you throw in a littl..
Bouquet of feathers - Deluxe
This is a real classic of magic that is often presented as a beautiful opening effect of the sho..
128,90€ 99,90€
Break glass coffee table
Here is a classic of magic that never ceases to amaze and captivate audiences of all ages: the "..
894,90€ 699,00€
Chinese coins a go go
The magician shows his audience a Chinese coin and throws it into the air. When shooting in hand..
Color Changing Cube (3 times) by Tora Magic
Guillotine Arm
An effect that has always fascinated the public.  The magician shows an old sash with a large ..
Increasing of Pocket Watches by Tora Magic
Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company The magician wearing black gloves comes onto the stage ..
Instant backdrop
Here is the "scenic backdrop" perfect for the magician who wants to convey professionalism in an..
With a gimmick  so powerful, and of a useful size, you can perform many effects. Here are s..
Rings to Chinese Coins by Tora Magic - original item
Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company Another Fantastic TORA item! There are three r..
Silk Cabby
When a silk is pushed into this empty box, it changes color! Then, when two loose silks are pushed t..
Smart Cubes (Large / Stage) by Taiwan Ben
You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. In one of the columns, the ..
Sucker Block Box
The magician shows a solid cube and puts it inside a top hat. He then opens up an empty box with..
Super Production Box
Here is a new wonderful item, created after an original idea of Vincenzo Di Fatta himself! ..
Sword in Neck (Deluxe) by Tora Magic
Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company The effect is astonishing that puzzles all eyes. ..
The Rose Pad (complete kit) by Martin Lewis
Imagine... In full view the drawing of a black rose transforms - its petals slowly bursting ..
The Rose Pad REFILL by Martin Lewis
This package includes a refill pad for The Rose Pad by Martin Lewis. Rosepad leaves the a..
The Rubik's Cube - Deluxe
he performer shows a Rubik's cube and tosses it in the air showing the audience that all its fac..
The Rubik's Cube - Economy
The performer shows a Rubik's cube. It does circling in the air and the audience can see that th..
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