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Appearing Cane - Black Plastic - 90CM
A cane magically appears at the fingertips from out of thin air! This impressive cane will amaze you..
9,90€ 6,90€
Appearing Flower Boxes - Jumbo Stage Size
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
34,90€ 28,90€
Appearing Flower Boxes - mini
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
Appearing Rose
EFFECT 1: The magician freely shows a handkerchief on both sides, then reaches under the handk..
23,90€ 18,90€
Devil's hanky - Plus
This is a versatile Hanky by which you can produce or vanish any small object like a billiard ba..
Mini Appearing Wand
This is really cute. Shiny black with silver tips, this wand looks great and appears in an instant. ..
Mini Appearing Wand - 4 pieces
Shiny black with silver tips, this wand looks great and appears in an instant. It's a plastic strip ..
The Magnetic Reel
The Magnetic Reel comes with special magnetic attachment to instantly vanish silks, borrowed bills, ..
6,90€ 5,90€
Thread reel - Mini
This is much smaller than the standard ITR. The effects you can make are the same than ITR stand..
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Thread Reel Standard 7,5 cm
A type of gimmick that you can use in many routines. You can make levitate sponge balls, cigarettes,..
Vanishing Cane - Plastic - Black
The Magician twirls a Cane between the fingers. Then he taps it on the floor to prove it's solid. Ho..
9,90€ 8,90€
Card Box Vanish - Whole Deck Disappears
With this gimmick card box, you can create your own card routine!   It is a great p..
Big Shot by Scott Alexander
If you love Scott's Sure Shot you are gonna love BIG SHOT! For decades, magicians have been ..
Instant Rubik by Sumit Chhajer
Instant Rubik is a simple and a very visual trick. You must be a genius to solve a Rubik's Cube,..
Original Auto Silk to Rose by JL Magic
Do you want to charm and amaze your audience? Then Silk to Rose is what you've been waiting for...
Double Locked Mystery Box by Premium Magic
The Magician borrows a ring, coin, or a $100.00 bill (bank note) from someone in the audience. He th..
Magical Insurance Policy 2.0 by James Kennedy
Did you like the Vanishing Bandanna? Did you love the Magicians insurance Policy? Then you..
Amazing Bag
1 Change Magician shows the spectators that an empty bag is in his hands. In the next moment, two&n..
34,90€ 17,90€
One Hand Dove Bag
Professionally produce a dove with one hand. Slick one hand operation without Velcro. Sounds i..
19,90€ 9,90€
The Spring in Vase
This is a nice close up item which is easily performed in any stages. The magician shows an em..
"The End" Streamer For Vanishing Cane - Metal (40 x 100 cm)
Need something flashy to produce from your Vanishing Cane -Metal? Want something wonderful to prod..
19,90€ 16,90€
3D Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase by Mr. Magic
Want a powerful visual effect for your parlor or stage show? The Mr. Magic 3D Flower Bouquet Bloomin..
4D Gift Board
Magician shows a frame. There are a gift box on the picture...magician displays the both sides of th..
260,90€ 169,90€
Aerial Egg by The Great Gorgonzola
This prop is a plastic egg in which holes have been cut at each end, The small strip between the hol..
Alchemist: Screw Driver (2 Gimmicks and DVD)
Show empty hands while holding a black "Sharpie" pen between your fingers. Flip it around and it..
59,90€ 49,90€
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