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How To Be A Magician by Ellusionist - Full Project

Marke: Ellusionist
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How To Be A Magician by Ellusionist - Full Project

How To Be A Magician is an ALL NEW visual training package that allows ANYONE to perform MIRACLES, build confidence and OWN any party they walk into.
The FULL PROJECT includes a box of SPECIAL PROPS + TWO DVD's packed with 47 incredible tricks. Good for every skill level, starts super easy and moves up as you get better.
You'll learn how to...
Bite a coin in HALF, then blow it back together 
Make ink disappear and move around 
Pull a silk from a “hole” in the middle of your hand 
Vanish a cigarette - visibly 
Make objects move without touching them 
Teleport items into someone's hand 
& MORE... 
We COULD list each one, but it would ruin the magic. 
Most of these props will never be seen by the people you're showing tricks to. They stay in the background and help YOU do the magic. Think of them as little helpers, letting you be as awesome as possible. 
• Ellusionist quality.

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