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Induction And How To Hypnotize Anyone by Terry Stokes

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Induction And How To Hypnotize Anyone by Terry Stokes

This DVD is simply packed with trade secrets from America's favorite hypnotist, Terry Stokes!

Terry has spent the last 35 years entertaining millions and hypnotizing thousands of people across the globe, and performs nightly on the Las Vegas Strip. He will teach you the ins and outs of creating an effective, entertaining, and successful stage hypnosis show.

In this DVD, co-presented by Richard Nongard, you will learn step-by-step how to hypnotize anyone on stage. The Terry Stokes induction is demonstrated with clips from his actual live show in Las Vegas.

You WILL Learn:

Terry Stokes' masterful stage show induction, word for word 
How to pick successful subjects for the stage 
How to do an effective pre-talk and build rapport 
The right words to use to hypnotize anyone 
The 13-strategies of induction used by Terry Stokes 
How to avoid failure and create success 
How to use the handshake method of hypnosis on stage

If you've ever wondered how stage hypnosis works or have thought of doing your own show, you must have this video. You won't find a more qualified instructor anywhere in America!

Running Time Approximately 60min

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