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Over This World by Alex Pandrea
A shuffled deck is handed to the spectator. They remove a card from anywhere in the deck. Withou..
29,90€ 24,90€
PaC Stack: Fully Constructed (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Carnazzo
Imagine having a spectator write a word, or draw an image, on a blank business card. THEY can pl..
Pure Filth by David Regal - DVD and special Cards
Effect Two couples trade partners, then magically reassemble, with NO MOVES. This is repea..
24,90€ 19,90€
Puzzle by Shota Okano
10 Amazing Card Tricks Afternoon Ace Assembly Air Blind Fan Peek Foresight Predict..
Red Stripe Playing Cards - Hand Drawn Edition
This colorful deck is inspired by stained glass, cardistry, modern art, cubism, and architecture..
Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection (Red) Deck by Nat Iwata
Steampunk and Cthulhu have joined forces to grace the surface of a custom deck of poker sized playin..
Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection Deck by Nat Iwata
This is a resurrection of the original Steampunk Cthulhu Deck that Nat Iwata produced last year.&nbs..
Unshuffled Kicker (Gimmick and DVD) by Paul Gertner - DVD
More than thirty years ago Paul Gertner developed "Unshuffled," one of the most memorable and in..
Winterberry Playing Cards
Be surrounded by the feeling of Winter as you use this deck. Winterberry is a fully custom deck o..
 Art of Cardistry Playing Cards - Pink Edition
After the amazing success of the previous edition of the "Art of Cardistry" bunch, here's the Pi..
Bicycle Rabbit Playing Cards
What cuddly creature is most associated with magic? The RABBIT, of course! Why not devote an entire ..
Butterfly Playing Cards Limited Collector's Edition Blue (Numbered and Signed in Butterfly Carat Card Cases)
"Those cards are beautiful... a very, very pretty deck." - Penn Jillette (As seen on Penn &..
Cardiographic Stage Electronic by Martin Lewis & João Miranda
Cardiographic is a stage effect used by JOHNNY THOMPSON, DAVID COPPERFIELD, WHIT HAYDN, MICH..
Cards American Flag
This special patriotic playing card deck reflects the spirit of America through majestic imagery fea..
Celestial Mechanics by Dave Davies and Alakazam Magic - DVD
"The name David Davies is well known in the underground card scene." - Alakazam Celestial Mec..
Extra Cards (60 cards) for Miracle Bingo by Doruk Ulgen
EXTRA cards for the unforgettable game of 'chance', Miracle Bingo by Doruk Ulgen! The extra cards pa..
39,90€ 34,90€
Fontaine - Carrots Edition Playing Cards
The Carrots by Anwar Carrots edition Fontaines are the 7th deck of Fontaine cards by Zach Muelle..
Four King Miracle (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Henri White
From the creator of The Souvenir, Henri White Presents Four King Miracle Two jokers are shown..
InstaGrab (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Patrick Kun
Pull a thought-of card right off one's phone screen - looks unbelievable! A Card From Phone l..
Invisible Triumph (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jim Krenz
What Jim Krenz has created is not only a Triumph effect, but a Triumph of method. Its ingenuity ..
Knowing the Rising Card by Will Ayling - Book
This book is entirely dedicated to the classic Rising Card effect. An encyclopedia-style collection ..
Lake Tahoe Bar Magic (2 DVD set) by Randy Wakeman - DVD
In the golden days of the great "Big City Bar Magic" Randy Wakeman was in the thick of it all wo..
49,90€ 39,90€
Magical Artistry of Petrick and Mia (4 DVD Volume Set) L&L Publishing - DVD
Petrick & Mia have cast their magic spell over audiences the world over-from the showrooms of La..
179,90€ 149,90€
Mainly Manipulative Magic (Limited/Out of Print) by John Alborough - Book
A fantastic book filled with classic manipulation. You will find excellent illustrations and easy-to..
NOC Original Deck - complete series of 6 Decks Printed at USPCC by The Blue Crown
Secretly marked for suit, and Now Printed by USPCC! Since 2012, simplicity and elegance have ..
49,90€ 51,90€
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