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Mental Epic Pad (Props and DVD) by Marc Oberon

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Mental Epic Pad (Props and DVD) by Marc Oberon

At last someone has taken what is an incredibly impactful effect and brought it bang up to date! 
Alakazam Magic Presents Mark Oberon's Epic Pad 
The Mental Epic effect for the 21st century!
Natural and organic looking
An incredible three way prediction
Easy to perform
Great for Stand-up, stage, parlour or cabaret
Marc Oberon's Epic looks totally innocent yet works like a standard Mental Epic board. Mental Epic is still used today by many of the world's top magicians and mentalists. Unfortunately many magicians think the old version is a little old fashioned with its wooden and chalkboard construction. 
On the instructional DVD Marc teaches you step by step how to make your own Epic pad. The Epic Pad is easy to make and once you are set up you will be able to use the same board for hundreds of performances The Epic Pad can be made in verious sizes. So you can even use it for close up work!
(Please Note Construction is Required) 
Comes Complete With Full Instructional DVD and Special Something.


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