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News December 2017

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Master Deck West - Playing Cards
Take yourself to the High Seas, with pirates, sea monsters, and more! Our East & West Master ..
Nascar Playing Cards: Danica Patrick #10
US Playing Card designed Danica Patrick Go #10 Stock Car playing cards for the Nascar fan...
Paul Harris Presents Warp One/Freedom Pack Double Astonishments by Justin Miller & David Jenkins
Whenever you feel like it, do a killer Ambitious Card sequence... then BAM! ...the box INSTANTLY..
Pentacle 2000 (Gimmick & DVD)by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop
Red Blue Transpo A killer two deck routine. Four cards are freely chosen from a red deck and ch..
39,90€ 29,90€
Pet Store Profile by Graeme Shaw & Michael Murray
(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) One of the all-time greatest packet tricks h..
Peter Turner's The S.T.E.M.System Limited Edition - 2 DVD set includes special guest Anthony Jacquin
Peter Turner has been privileged to work on television, radio and live shows around the world as..
279,90€ 195,93€
Purified Primavera Ponderings Playing Cards by Alex Chin
Intricate Illustrations OLD WORLD CRAFTSMANSHIP This deck of luxury playing cards bathes in th..
Royal Los Angeles Playing Cards by Toomas Pintson
Featuring an elegant and simple back design, Royal Los Angeles is a standard deck of cards perfe..
Silk Off Hanger by Mr. Magic
A new version of Acrobatic Silk, where the silks are now tied to a metal hanger. With four different..
Sitta Target Blendo - Cm 45 x 45
Effect 1: The magician shows five differently colored and sized silks and magically changes them..
Spectrum by Paul Gordon
Effect: Five cards are shown to be five duplicates. The cards are turned over to reveal faces on..
Sponge Ball to Duck by Mr. Magic
Transform two white sponge balls into one 3D sponge duck right in front of your spectator's eyes. ..
Sponge Nuts (1.5 in.) by Eric Ross
"Eric's Nuts are the BEST I've ever played with!" - Justin Willman (TV Host, TV Magician) Spo..
19,90€ 16,90€
Straitjacket Deck by Karry Lizeth
The magician tells the audience that he will present an exposition of escapology made famous by ..
Submersion 2.0 by Eric Ross and Danny Case
Eric Ross is proud to present Danny Case's Submersion 2.0! Two cards are freely selected. Eac..
90ft Mouth Coil (Halloween) by Ra Magic,
Have you ever wanted to pull a seemingly unending amount of steel from your mouth? One that keeps go..
Bicycle Tetra Deck - 4 Way Fanning Deck
The most popular fanning deck in the world is back in stock after a record sell out!  In..
Exquisite Playing Cards (White) by Expert Playing Cards
The Gold Seal Limited Edition Exquisite Decks sold out in just 5 days. ( De'vo's Signature Series ..
Hoyle Playing Cards - Plastic Coated blue
Hoyle® playing cards have long set the standard for playing cards. True to the legacy of Edmund Ho..
Hoyle Standard Playing Cards - Plastic Coated Red
Hoyle® playing cards have long set the standard for playing cards. True to the legacy of Edmund Ho..
Meridian Technique by Mark Elsdon - 2 DVD Set
The Meridian Technique will help you create a lasting impression that will keep audiences talkin..
54,90€ 39,90€
Metamorphosis XL (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wayne Dobson
This looks utterly impossible!! You'll love performing it! Two coins, a Morgan silver dollar ..
Midas Pot (Plastic) by Mr. Magic
Using the pot of King Midas, change coffee beans into coffee, corn into popcorn, sawdust into gold d..
Mini Triangular Box by Mr. Magic
Show a triangular, three-fold box to be completely empty. Next, from the empty box, magically produc..
Miracles of the Mind Vol 1 by TA Waters - DVD
MEET THE MIND BEHIND THE MYTH... AND THE MAGIC! One of the cornerstone books in the field of ..
42,90€ 30,03€
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