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News February 2018

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Visible Jumbo Card Change
A playing card, a woman of diamonds, is chosen by a spectator and placed inside the deck. The ma..
ABC Blocks by Daytona Magic
Here's a great effect where an object vanishes and reappears somewhere else! Three solid wood..
Airborne Pro & Glass by G Sparks
"Clearly the worlds' quietest airborne." WHISPER SILENT ACTION NO TOP CLEAR LIKE GIMMI..
Airborne Rocks by G Sparks
"Want to change your airborne look or just have a back-up glass?" YOU NEVER GO DOWN TO THE..
Annihilator Deck by VORTEX Magic
A lot of care and thought has gone into the production of these Blank Svengali Cards for mentalists ..
At The Table Live Ben Williams - DVD
Ben Williams has been working behind the scenes in the magic industry for over a decade. With ma..
At The Table Live Etienne Pradier - DVD
From Los Angeles to London, people's jaws have literally dropped after witnessing the incredible..
At The Table Live Gary Jones - DVD
A professional magician for over 25 years, Gary Jones has held the "Close-Up Performer of the Ye..
At the Table Live Lecture Branden Wolf - DVD
Branden Wolf is with out a doubt one of today's underground creative forces in coin magic. Murph..
At The Table Live Steve Rowe - DVD
Steve Rowe has literally exploded onto the magic scene in the last 5 years. Not only is his magi..
Baffling Blocks (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Eric Leclerc
Prepare to rethink what you knew about Paddle Tricks! Ever make a Paddle Trick from a kids' t..
Bicycle - Inspire - Red deck
The strength of this Bicycle deck lies in its elegant simplicity!   The deck is marked! ..
Bicycle - Lightning Playing Card
A great, dazzling deck with distinctive style.Every detail is simply amazing!   Lightning..
Bicycle - Lunar Eclipse Playing Cards
Bicycle Lunar Eclipse Playing Card, just as its name suggests, features Lunar eclipse this spect..
Bicycle - Niagara Deck - Prediction - blue back
EFFECT 1 - The magician has a card selected, which is returned to the deck and the latter in the..
Binary Playing Cards
The original inspiration for the design of the Binary playing cards comes from a single image, a..
Bright Ideas by Christopher Williams & Alakazam - DVD
Bright Ideas is a collection of killer commercial card effects. On this DVD you will see Christo..
Burger Playing Cards Created by FLAMINKO Playing Cards
The BURGER Deck is a deck of 54 cards, celebrating the almighty burger! Each suit represents the ..
Cane Auto Flash by EMS
A great attachment for your Vanishing Cane. Ignite a Flash and make the cane disappear or change..
Cane to Flower - Magnetic
The magician shows a walking wand. It rests on an exposed base and magically the wand turns into..
Cardistry Playing Cards - Colour
Excellent quality and modern style meet in these playing cards, and create the best mix for the ..
Cardistry Playing Cards - Turquoise
Excellent quality and modern style meet in these playing cards, and create the best mix for the ..
Chess Guess by Chris Ramsay
The 'Guess Which Hand' effect was popularized in 'Modern Coin Magic' in 1952. Ever since it has..
Coincidencia by Jim Krenz
What we all seek in the close-up arena are closers. Logically, you can only close your show with..
Color Changing Streamer - Split
The magician shows a red and white striped scarf. The shakes and, visibly, this turns into TWO s..
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