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Bicycle Natural Disasters  - complete series 7 Decks by HOPC by Collectable Playing Cards
The Bicycle Natural Disasters "Blizzard" Playing Cards is the fifth in a series of 7 natural dis..
89,90€ 79,90€
Magician Knows Playing Cards ( Spectrum )
"Magician Knows" Playing Cards by 808 Playing Cards Co. & Li Min We are most proud to introdu..
Project Z by Zee - DVD
Do you want to learn a miracle vanish? Read on! One move, endless possibilities! Hailed as the n..
Swap Wallet (Himber Style) Plastic by Mr. Magic
A clever utility wallet for magicians to vanish, produce or exchange playing cards, business cards, ..
Traditional Chinese Linking Rings 6 Set (Magnetic Lock 30.50 cm)
The Linking Rings is one of the most popular effects in the history of magic. Magnets Hold the ..
Pom Pon Wand
Our Company has freshened up the look to this classic effect by creating a version that uses a b..
Prediction Box by Maurizio Visconti
Here is a versatile sure fire prediction that will amaze any kind of audience. The magician sho..
Prevision (Blue) by Peter Eggink
The open prediction with a kicker twist! A BLUE backed "Prediction" card is removed from a R..
Prevision (Red) by Peter Eggink
The open prediction with a kicker twist! A RED backed "Prediction" card is removed from a BL..
Proteus by Phedon Bilek - Book
IF MIND READING EXISTED, IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS! Coming from a purely sleight-of-hand backg..
How do these work?? Watch this pair of mysterious rods spin, stop, and reverse direction at your..
Red-Blue by LT Magic
The red and blue cards, including 52 red blue back, 1 red card back, 1 blue back, the magician t..
49,90€ 39,90€
Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards
Modern design coupled with Premium Finish, best option for fanning and Cardistry.   Cardi..
Flictionary (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Steve Haresign
Underground genius, Steve Haresign, has recently released his Flictionary book test. This is ..
Harley Davidson Oil Playing Cards By USPCC
Do you have that Biker instinct? How about just the fantasy? Would you find it fun to pull out a dec..
Mentalized by Dennis Hermanzo - Book
(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) - Banachek "Kudos to Dennis for putting ..
T Playing Cards - Black
T Series Playing Cards is the first TCC deck released and 20,000 decks have been sold in 3 months. ..
Universal Peek Device (UPD) by Alan Wong and Pablo Amira
Pablo Amira and Alan Wong have joined forces to bring to the magic and mentalism community the "..
 Art of Cardistry Playing Cards - Pink Edition
After the amazing success of the previous edition of the "Art of Cardistry" bunch, here's the Pi..
Mahogany Jumping Gems by Rich Hill
This beautiful Mahogany Jumping Gems set was inspired by a conversation with magician Josh Silverste..
Malini Egg Bag Pro (Bag and DVD)
A trick that has successfully been sold for years is in stock and has now been reloaded. The classic..
Rainbow Illusion Metallic Playing Cards V2
The Rainbow Illusion Metallic Playing Cards V2 differs from a standard deck of cards as a result of ..
Sherpa Fountain Pen
This new fountain pen created by Sherpa fits perfectly into your Sherpa pen. It looks extremely eleg..
Sherpa Pen - Back in Black
Transform your Sharpie into a stylish Fountain Pen! Add style to your close-up performance by..
Sherpa Pen - Cigar (Special Edition)
We are proud to introduce the new Sherpa Cigar Special Edition Set. The perfect gift for the Holiday..
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