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Biokinesis (Gimmick + DVD)
CAUTION: To purchase this product you must be an adult. The gimmick is harmless Biokinesis no..
79,90€ 64,90€
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Big Deal (Blue) by Antuan and MagicTao - DVD & Gimmick
Effect: You have one, large envelope that contains a prediction, 5 cards individually numbered ..
39,90€ 29,90€
Undead by Miracle Factory
A supernaturally amazing mindreading effect with the celebrated TWILIGHT book series Meld wit..
29,90€ 24,90€
Cabaret Card Divination by Billy McComb and Ken de Courcy - Book
Billy McComb and Ken de Courcy have created a MIND-BLOWING divination that can be performed ANYWHERE..
Industry by Arteco Production
The Effect: The DVD/book of a spectator is taken and examined carefully. It's shown to anyone..
49,90€ 39,90€
Magic Circle Lectures by David Penn and Craig Petty - DVD
David Penn and Craig Petty were both invited to lecture at the famous Magic Circle in London. In ..
45,90€ 35,90€
Psych Device (the ultimate Metal Bender)
A spoon (or other utensil) is shown to be completely solid and free of ANY gimmickry. The spoon can ..
26,90€ 19,90€
Re-Maxed Iceolation by Kieron Johnson
Fresh from his award winning debut at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, Kieron Johnson..
149,00€ 104,30€
B'Voque by Mark Elsdon (DVD & Gimmick)
Mark Elsdon finally releases his incredible 'Four Card Brainwave' effect! Previously shared only..
24,90€ 19,90€
The Last Prediction by Kneill X and Big Blind Media - DVD and Gimmick
A self working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction! The magician writes a ..
24,90€ 19,90€
Helix (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Tom Elderfield
There is an energy that binds the universe together. What if you could be taught to harness that..
24,90€ 19,90€
Perfect Open Prediction by Boris Wild (DVD + Gimmicks)
“As close to perfection in an open prediction as I have ever seen. Simple, deceptive and incre..
24,90€ 19,90€
Self Explosion Glass - Small
Effect: The spectator is encouraged to inspect a small glass to make sure that it is solid. I..
18,90€ 13,23€
The Experiment by Vinny Sagoo
Dr Rhine devised an experiment back in the early 1900's to test for the existence of Extra Senso..
24,90€ 17,43€
Xpress Delivery by Craig Roe and Merlins of Wakefield
The magician introduces an envelope from which he removes a deck of playing cards and a sheet of..
29,90€ 20,93€
(L)Eye Detector by Harvey Raft
"Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception" "What exactly is Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception?" Th..
64,90€ 49,90€
3 in 1 - Sketelon Key
Effect:  1. Can be used as beer opener. 2. you can make the teeth of the key movable ..
14,90€ 9,90€
3D Prediction by Mark Parker
The performer lays a large envelope on the table explaining that this contains a strange prediction ..
29,90€ 24,90€
Absolute Zero (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by SansMinds
"Absolute Zero is THE ultimate device to make you look like you have superpowers! I love it!..
118,90€ 109,90€
Add-Acadabra by Wild-Colomnini Magic
A novelty that's designed for laughter but which is good magic too! This is a truly novel effect ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Al Schneider Heavy Metal Series by L&L Publishing - DVD
This DVD contains a collection of classic coin effects that Al Schneider has been working on for the..
39,90€ 34,90€
An Empty Envelope by Wild-Colombini
I came up with this simple gag after I marketed my trick "Deal Breaker" sold through our company. It..
24,90€ 19,90€
An Introduction to Mind Reading and Mental Magic - David Jones by International Magic - DVD
Ideal for those who want to learn this incredibly baffling and popular form of magic. This DVD teach..
36,90€ 29,90€
Anchors Ahoy by Sean Taylor - DVD
Sean Taylor has performed this effect as both a magician and mentalist for more than 25 years. T..
36,90€ 29,90€
Android by Jay Crowe
Effect The performer explains to the spectator how much he likes to travel, so they are going..
39,90€ 29,90€
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