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Sucker Punch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Southworth
As many magicians know, coin gaffs can take traditional coin magic to extreme levels, yet they t..
49,90€ 47,90€
The Raven
The Raven has been called one of the best tricks of the last decade! Perform visual vanishes lik..
24,90€ 19,90€
Civil (Coin In Very Intriguing Location) by Sam Fitton - DVD and Gimmick
Sam Fitton's ultimate street magic effect. Any borrowed coin is signed and held tightly inside the m..
54,90€ 44,90€
Got Gum? by Brandon David & Chris Turchi - DVD and Gimmick
(testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso) Gum Pack Included! A totally SELF - WORKI..
49,90€ 39,90€
FREE Choice Effect download with purchase The performer borrows a credit card, driver's lic..
39,90€ 27,93€
Evolution by Rus Andrews and MagicTao
'Evolution' is an impromptu approach to the classic cap in bottle effect. Imagine being able ..
24,90€ 17,90€
iLink by Jay Sankey (DVD & Gimmick)
"iLINK arrived in the mail yesterday and I freaked out some friends with it at school TODAY. Now..
34,90€ 24,43€
Re-Maxed Iceolation by Kieron Johnson
Fresh from his award winning debut at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, Kieron Johnson..
149,00€ 104,30€
50 Ways To Rock A Lighter (DVD)
The Effect Ever since the iconic Zippo lighter was introduced back in 1933, its users have ..
24,90€ 19,90€
Back Pocket (DVD and Gimmick) by Leo Smetsers
In 2003 Leo Smetsers and Jean Paul Mertens developed a routine that's 100% commercial, using som..
48,90€ 39,90€
Deflect by Skulkor - DVD and Gimmick
Deflect is portable, self-contained on the case and doesn't affect your everyday card use. The p..
34,90€ 24,90€
Famous Faced - Four Card Trick by Paul Romhany - DVD and Gimmicks
Paul Romhany has been performing a version of this routine for well over twenty years. He recent..
24,90€ 19,90€
iTwist by Skulkor
Imagine yourself borrowing an iPhone from anyone, twist it in half while the phone screen is..
49,90€ 39,90€
Phantasm by Jamie Daws Alakazam - DVD and Gimmick
Imagine taking the classic card warp to exciting new visual extremes. Well this is exactly wha..
29,90€ 20,93€
The Key (DVD and Gimmick) by Andrew Mayne
Borrow a bill from a spectator. Stab a key on your keyring through the bill and rip it out. Mi..
24,90€ 17,43€
Twisted Queens (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds
If you were to tear apart a lady limb from limb, how would it look? It's quite a gruesome image,..
34,90€ 24,43€
$WAP (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawerence
"Swap" in three words: PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, STUNNING. Nicholas Lawrence releases his "pet..
24,90€ 19,90€
The Box - Card Reveal by Phil Tilston
Two cards are selected, signed and lost in any deck. In the blink of an eye the1st card appear..
34,90€ 24,43€
Wired (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Danny Weiser
From the creator of Triage comes an effect that is seemingly impromptu and leaves you looking li..
36,90€ 25,83€
Petit by Rian Lehman (DVD & Gimmick)
"Aviators may sore, but on toes you may walk. A delicate agility will keep you amongst the c..
24,90€ 17,43€
RE (Gimmick and DVD) by Chris Webb
A selected playing card is torn into four pieces. Then with one piece at a time and the hands be..
29,90€ 20,93€
Ignition - DVD and Gimmick
Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill, a sugar packet, even a sp..
39,90€ 29,90€
Manoj Bottle (DVD & Gimmicks) by Manoj Kaushal
A BORROWED PEN, RING or even a small COOKIE melts through the SOLID bottom of an examined water ..
28,90€ 20,23€
3D Crystal by Higpon (Iphone Trick) with DVD
A spectator shuffles the deck as many times as she likes.  The magician turns around and s..
39,90€ 29,90€
Apple for iConic (Gold, Silver & Black) by Shin Lim
Apple Refill stickers for Iconic.  Contents: 1 Gold Apple Sticker 1 Silver Apple Stick 1 ..
4,90€ 3,90€
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