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Papilio V2 - Uncut Sheet

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Papilio V2 - Uncut Sheet

After the success of the first edition in 2016, designer Kiran Kuruvithadam created the Papilio Playing Cards V2, to bring the beauty and elegance of butterflies at hand.

This fully customized bunch has unique seeds, illustrated figures, a wonderful spade ace, and a sleek, re-designed box. On design, Kiran said:
"From the very beginning, we set the goal of creating a design that would be familiar and cool. This second version has an improvement in the design of the case, the subtle edges as well as the recoloured figures."
The bouquet was designed with the professional magicians in mind. So, the cards are created to have great maneuverability and to make a great figure in front of the viewers. The familiar design of the figures allows viewers to easily recapture them. The deck also has:
- Metallic ink on the back and the figures.
- Two identical jokers.
- A card with a white face.
- A double back paper.
 The uncutted sheet measures 66.7 x 55.5 cm.

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