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Appearing Flower Boxes - Jumbo Stage Size
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
34,90€ 28,90€
Appearing Flower Boxes - mini
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
Balloon to Rabbit Box
The magician shows all sides of a big wooden box. The front of the box has a big cutout thro..
Quo Vadis
The magician asks a spectator to borrow a watch and he closes it in a blue tube. The tube is the..
Dove Through Glass (Stage) (2 part trick) by Premium Magic
This dramatic effect using a real dove is always a crowd pleaser. A spectator from your audience exa..
Prediction Box by Maurizio Visconti
Here is a versatile sure fire prediction that will amaze any kind of audience. The magician sho..
Double Locked Mystery Box by Premium Magic
The Magician borrows a ring, coin, or a $100.00 bill (bank note) from someone in the audience. He th..
LEGO Magic Box
A small box that made of real LEGO blocks is displayed. The doors are opened to show nothing ..
Tora Automatic Top Hat to Bird Cage
The magician shows a magical cylinder. A moment later he makes a stick out of nowhere. Tap with ..
Tora Coin Bucket 3 Times
The wizard shows a bucket of ice, then pretends to throw a coin to the same and this will appear..
Tora Fire and Dove Box
The magician shows an empty box. Immediately after the flames emerge from the box. Then he turns..
Tora Large Pan Multi Times
As you can see from the photo and video, this new concept conveys the ability to transform vario..
Tora Mental Dice
The mentalist shows a multicolored dad, placed on a pedestal, and a cover. It asks a viewer to c..
Wonder Block 2.0 (New Method) by King of Magic
The international big hit, Wonder Block, has come back with a revolutionary change. The Box w..
Hand Twister
The perfect One-Man illusion! The Arm Twister works like the very popular Head Twister. The p..
Mysterious Box
Here is a clever and surprising little box that is guaranteed to deliver huge entertainment valu..
149,00€ 74,90€
Pop Cigarette Box (Rosewood)
This elegant and beautiful cigarette box is made of rosewood. Clear lines and workmanship. Ver..
3-D Wonder Bag
The magician picks the wonder bag and magically produces the multi-designed bags one by one. ..
All in 24 hours
The magician walks on stage with a stylish suitcase 24 hours at his side. Puts it on the table..
AmazeBox Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc
"This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I can't wait to try n..
Amazing Cages from Frame by Tora Magic - original item
The magician shows an empty plastic frame to the audience. And then he produces two dove cages ..
Amazing fire tube - Plus
The article is identical all'Amazing fire tube, but in this version will be supplied with 4 special ..
Appearing Everything from Box by Tora Magic - original item
This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty Box to the audience... and produce e..
Balloon Transformer
The magician shows all sides of a wooden cage. From the front it is possible to see that the cag..
Bangle Tangle
The magician shows all sides of a front open box. The box has two holes on two side walls of the..
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