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Any Book - Fire Book Gimmick - Fire Pockets
Have you always wanted a fire book but thought they looked really fake and way too hokey? Have..
34,90€ 26,90€
Magic Coloring Book - Large
A coloring book is shown to the audience. First the pages are blank. Then they are black with ..
Mouth coils - 12 pieces
After eating some pieces of cotton wool, the magician amazes the audience by pulling an endl..
9,90€ 7,90€
Mouth coils rainbow by Vincenzo Di Fatta
The magician puts some pieces of colored tissue paper into his mouth. The pieces of paper seem to jo..
Sexy Surprise - Ding Dong
Three sponge balls, one at a time, magically jump from the performer’s hand to the hand of a spectat..
11,90€ 9,90€
Twentieth Century Comedy Panties
Two scarves of the same color are shown and tied together by their corners. A third scarf of a diffe..
14,90€ 9,90€
Water in the Newspaper
The magician pours a full glass of liquid between the pages of a newspaper, but when it is..
Crazy Halloween by Ra Magic,
Crazy Halloween from the creators of Crazy Carrot, Ra El Mago and Julio Abreu, is an interactive..
Electric Bicycle Deck
Electric Deck (50 Poker, Bicycle ) Using this special deck you can "waterfall" the cards from..
Ultra Diminishing Cards
A fan of regular size cards repeatedly diminishes several times to half, then a quarter, then on..
10,90€ 8,90€
Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar by Eddie Joseph - Book
Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar, by Eddie Joseph, is filled with fun (and funny) bits you can a..
Birds Of A Feather by Wild-Colombini
This is a beautiful comedy routine that plays well for both regular shows, and also for MC work. ..
14,90€ 9,90€
Card Rap by John Kaplan
Imagine taking Joe Riding's "3 Card Trick Using 4 Cards" effect, using the Martin Lewis "Sidewalk Sh..
99,90€ 66,90€
NUMB  by Richard T. Smith - Parlour size
The magician takes out a deck of cards with numbers written on the backs from 1 to 52, well mixe..
Commander Light by Mr. Magic
Fully examinable by your spectators, this light can be turned off and on at your command from a dist..
Rubber Coin Purse (Banana Shaped)
This is a great prop for Stage and Parlor Magicians, Comedians,  Entertainers, and Clowns, even..
12,90€ 9,03€
Shirt Changing Colors
Magician steps onto the stage in a black shirt with all buttons  in place, dressed u..
124,90€ 99,90€
Heist by Jack Wise and Vanishing Inc.
It's rare to find practical, visual parlor magic, and rarer still to find good opening effects. ..
99,90€ 78,90€
Rubber Apple
You can make the apple appear using flash paper, produce it from inside a cook book or from anyplace..
19,90€ 13,93€
Transferable Topit
Allows you to install it quickly and easily with NO sewing, velcro, pins or glue! Moves from coat to..
99,00€ 49,90€
Funny Christmas Card
Do you want to bring happiness to your family members? Are you interested to make your friend..
Rubber Carrot
Imitation of a real Carrot . Size:  6.8 inches approx. able to be hidden  in your hand ..
18,90€ 16,90€
Scarlet Monte (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Malcolm Norton
The Scarlet Pimpernel Strikes Again! A master of escape & disguise the Scarlet Pimpernel ..
24,90€ 17,43€
Self Explosion Glass - Small
Effect: The spectator is encouraged to inspect a small glass to make sure that it is solid. I..
18,90€ 13,23€
(L)Eye Detector by Harvey Raft
"Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception" "What exactly is Super Sensory Eye Contact Perception?" Th..
64,90€ 49,90€
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