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Dove Through Glass (Stage) (2 part trick) by Premium Magic
This dramatic effect using a real dove is always a crowd pleaser. A spectator from your audience exa..
Cardiographic Stage Electronic by Martin Lewis & João Miranda
Cardiographic is a stage effect used by JOHNNY THOMPSON, DAVID COPPERFIELD, WHIT HAYDN, MICH..
Amazing Cages from Frame by Tora Magic - original item
The magician shows an empty plastic frame to the audience. And then he produces two dove cages ..
Appearing Billiard Stick by Tora Magic - original item
This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as ..
69,00€ 59,90€
Appearing Dice from Empty Bag by Tora Magic
This huge production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... an..
Appearing Everything from Box by Tora Magic - original item
This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty Box to the audience... and produce e..
Arm Apart
The magician places his arm inside a box and inserts two solid blades in its middle. By doing th..
Back to watch
A pentagonal shape black board standing on the table is seen. It’s also seen that there are six ..
Backstage  - With the Elephant Vanish
The classic Backstage effect in a new version, where, instead of cards, the magician makes an el..
Book to CD Player by Tora Magic - original item
At first the magician has only a book in this hands... He shows its dimensions, and then he ope..
Bouquet of feathers - Deluxe
This is a real classic of magic that is often presented as a beautiful opening effect of the sho..
128,90€ 99,90€
Cages and Dice from Paper Bag by Tora Magic
This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and..
Chinese coins a go go
The magician shows his audience a Chinese coin and throws it into the air. When shooting in hand..
Color Changing Cube (3 times) by Tora Magic
Color Changing Dice by Tora Magic - original item
This Product was produced and designed by Tora Magic Company. First, you show a Black and Whi..
Electronic Folding Chair
It's enough to make you faal over backwards... When a simple folding chair starts to lead a l..
720,00€ 598,00€
Erdem Magical Suitcase
The magician enters the stage with a briefcase, the exhibition on each side and deposits it on t..
Everything to 4 Dove Cages by Tora Magic
A large cube (30 cm X 30 cm X 33 cm) is displayed and shown to be completely empty. You then pla..
Flower Crystals From Frame (Two) by Tora - original item
You show an empty black frame that folds flat and has nothing hidden inside it. Yet, when you o..
Flower Pan 777 (includes Flowers, etc.) by Tora Magic - original item
Take your dove pan to the next level. You will notice some key differences in this beautiful ..
389,00€ 289,00€
Guillotine Arm
An effect that has always fascinated the public.  The magician shows an old sash with a large ..
Illusionary Departures by JC Sum
"Illusionary Departures 2012" is a treasury of original illusion designs and presentation plots ..
Increasing of Pocket Watches by Tora Magic
Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company The magician wearing black gloves comes onto the stage ..
Instant backdrop
Here is the "scenic backdrop" perfect for the magician who wants to convey professionalism in an..
Instant backdrop - Only cover Blue
Supplied is only the cloth cover.   Perfect for use with our "Instant Backdrop". This cov..
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