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Ballerina Hank by Tenyo
This amazing handkerchief will jump between your hands and fly in the air under your total contr..
Belle de Nuit (Beauties of the Night) by Vernet Magic
This is the most baffling "one man" floating ball. You can perform it in any stage, the gimmick ..
Butterfly Blizzard (Props and DVD) by Jeff McBride and Alan Wong
Paper Butterflies Come to Life, dance and float at your command, finally bursting into a rainbow sno..
Copin's ITS (Instant Thread Security) by Bruno Copin
Ever 'lose' a thread in the middle of a performance? Well now you have I.T.S. to back you up! Ins..
50,90€ 49,90€
Cup Zero by George Iglesias and Twister Magic (with DVD)
Another great idea by George Iglesias, comes to us, this time with an incredible NEW levitatio..
39,90€ 34,90€
Dancing Hanky
A classic effect. The magician displays a silk handkerchief between his hands. Suddenly, th..
14,90€ 9,90€
Dancing Silk
The magician enters the stage with a scarf that hovers before. The performer tries in every way ..
Dancing Wand Metal
The Beautiful 100% Metal Black Wand magically dances in the air around the magician.   Co..
24,90€ 19,90€
Dice Levitation
The performer is seen to be holding a die. Suddenly it rises mysteriously from the palm of h..
Elastic Utility Thread (200 m - 218 yards)
Constructing quality gimmicks demands quality tools. The Murphy's Elastic Utility Thread is a tough,..
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Electric floating and glowing ball - 11 cm
A bright red glowing ball is shown and then covered by a cloth. Suddenly the ball starts to ri..
59,90€ 49,90€
Electric Silk to Ball - Slow Speed (Red)
A magician brings a silk and waves it. The silk slowly turns to a ball. Features: The silk fre..
148,90€ 99,90€
Electric Silk to Ball - Slow Speed (White)
A magician brings a silk and waves it. The silk slowly turns to a ball. Features: The silk..
148,90€ 99,90€
Flight by Kevin Li and Shin Lim Presents
"The most unique TNR I have ever seen!" - Shin Lim Kevin Li's "Flight" is the world's fi..
39,90€ 36,90€
Float (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds Creative Lab
Many levitation illusions on the market require a lot of attention on the working of the prop in..
Floating Bill (With Gimmick) by Jon Jensen
One of the Most Devastating Tricks you can Perform! Effect This is truly one of the greatest m..
Floating Bill (with Gimmick) by Royal and Gabe Fajuri
This booklet teaches one of the most astonishing, startling, visual tricks in all of magic. Imagi..
Floating Currency
The magician rests a banknote flat on the palm of his hands. He concentrates, and mysteriously t..
Floating Fireball (Gimmick and DVD)
Brand new fire trick features allow the fireball to levitate in the midlde air in command of mag..
119,90€ 79,90€
Floating Table - Economic
The magician looks at the table on the stage. Grab the corners of the silk that covers it, a..
118,90€ 99,90€
The magician enters the stage, puts a hand in his pocket, pulls out a silk, and shows it to ..
Geni In a Bottle - Big
A rope is lowered into a bottle..Thanks to an invisible magic "GENIE" inside, the bottle is then ..
8,90€ 7,90€
Glass Levitation by Uday
A fluted transparent glass filled with colored liquid is held in the left hand. Now the magic wand h..
8,90€ 7,90€
Horizon by Matthew Wright (DVD & Gimmick)
Matthew Wright has devised a new, revolutionary thread system that allows you to effortlessly an..
39,90€ 29,90€
How To Levitate by Andrew Mayne - Book
Andrew Mayne presents his most practical levitations for the stage and the street. Combining updated..
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